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AnaLookW is the Windows version of the old, DOS program Analook. AnaLookW offers all of the functionality of the old DOS version, but there are many things you can do in the Windows version which can't be done in the DOS version.

Some points of interest:

Requires Windows 98 or later. Any Windows which supports long filenames should work.

Bear in mind that this is BETA software. You should expect bugs! Please report any you find to me at:


ALWAYS work on copies of files, not on your originals, just in case something goes terribly wrong. You should always do so anyway, but the risk is greater with a less tested version such as this, and with its much greater power to change large numbers of files in the Anahead tool.

There is not yet full documentation for this software, but if you are familiar with DOS Analook, most of the operation will be familiar. There is a document, giving a great deal of information about how to use AnalookW, which will be downloaded with AnalookW automatically when you get it from my Beta Site. Some notable exceptions are that some of the commands, such as Alt-C for copying files, have been moved (in this case, to the Edit menu). You should be able to figure out most of the operation by looking through the menu structure. If you can see obvious areas where this is difficult, please let me know and I will try to make it clearer. There are some operations only possible from the context menus when the Alternate views (such as the slope view) are enabled. Just right click in the appropriate area and the context menu will appear.

By far the easiest way to print a screen is by using the Edit, Copy menu item, which copies the current screen to the Clipboard. You can then directly paste it into a graphics program such as PAINT, or into a Word document or Power Point presentation.

Most importantly, PLAY with the software and you will quickly get an idea of how it works. Look for the keyboard shortcuts in the menus - for many purposes, the keyboard is much faster to use than the mouse. There are also many tooltips which will help you know what to do. Please realize this is a work in progress, and that updated versions will appear fairly frequently, so please watch out for those.

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