Tips from the Jeweler's bench Ganoksin online has got some very well-presented and detailed information on the techniques used by fine jewelers, written by Charles Lewton Brain. They also offer an e-mail forum focussed on jewelry, and several lines of their own jewelry as well. The archive of the Orchid jewelry discussion group on the Ganoksin site is an excellent source of technical information on various processes and materials.

Techniques of Jewelry-making by Peter W. Rowe Some comments on many aspects of the trade by the very knowledgable moderator of the Usenet group, archived here at United Artworks.

Gemology and Lapidary Pages Information on crystallography and gemstones: their properties, how they are classified, cut, and valued

Rio Grande This well-known source of jewelry tools, supplies, and materials, based in Albuquerque New Mexico, has some how-to information posted on this site that does not appear in their fairly comprehensive catalogs. 550 Silver and Supply, a New Mexico supplier of silver, gold, brass and nickel silver stock and findings as well as the tools to manipulate them.

Hoben Davis Ltd Troubleshooting charts for jewelry casting, vulcanized molds, and wax injection.Based in LA, CA;

Precious Metals West sells gold alloys, grain and sheet, as well as special de-ox alloys, and offers custom casting and refining services. Some technical tips as well, and they will give advice by phone.

see jane draw/Jewellery Design Canadian jewelry designer Jane Parker shares tips, trade shows, gemlabs, links to tool and equipment suppliers, and other valuable information and resources.

Society of North American Goldsmiths In New Mexico, custom casting in gold and silver

Diamonds Employment opportunities, discussion groups, a show calendar, news, and more relating to the jewelry industry.

GemNet A UK-based jewelry site with some good ideas- a silent auction where anybody can put up an item for sale for a 10% commission, an e-mail forum, a virtual arcade (which would be called a mall on this side of the pond), and a good collection of world-wide jewelry and metalcraft links.

Techform- Platinum Casting for theJewelry Industry

Kernowcraft UK Gemstones and crystals for homemade jewellery. Cutters of faceted gemstones in matched and single pieces

An online gem broker

Tekcast- pewter spincasting supplies

Paleoart sells fossils and minerals

Conquest- Manufacturers of spincasting equipmentand supplies for pewter and zinc

Pearson's Rock shop

Thunderbird jewelers' supply

Jeweler's tools and machines

Gemstone liquidators? Sounds cheap...

Allen Guitar-Abalone and other inlay materials in convenient forms

Otto Frei/ Jules Borel jeweler's supplies

Castaldo latex vulcanizing rubber for wax injection

Almar's Jewelry and Lapidary videos

Plating instructions from I Shor

AMACO American Art Clay Company; Equipment and supplies for enameling and crafts

J.S. Ritter Jewelers Supply - tools, supplies, custom stamps too

Creative Gems and Jewelry - Gemstone, Diamonds, Gold jewelry,etc in Thailand

Metal Suppliers (an A-Z list)

Turbo Carver II - High speed carving and engraving tool

Robin Materials - exotic metals like tantalum, Hastelloy, titanium, Columbium, etc.

Wisconsin Plaza Beads, Charms, Findings and Jewelry Supplies

Quest Beads- Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of pewter components for jewelry including themed charms, beads and all connectors

The Scrimshop Fossil walrus and mammoth ivory from Alaska

Sculpt Nouveau Patina & Finishes For All Metals - Metal Finishing Products.

The Vacuum Wand Vacuum Tweezers, Pumps for Jewellers, Camera Watch Repair, Scientific Experiment

Plating Technologies for plating supplies and equipment

Gold Touch, Inc. 24 Karat Gold Plating Systems And Supplies

Micro Fasteners - Hobbyists Source - Locknuts - Washers - Machine Screws - Fasteners - Rivets - Wood Screws

Jewelry non-cyanide electroplating-forming equipt and solutions

Tuthill Vacuum Systems- Makers of Kinney pumps, recommended as one of the best for vaccuum investing

Jewelrythings of Providence RI Findings plus services for jewelry mfrs

Lacy West Jewelry Tools and Supplies in the UK

JETS, Inc. Jewelers Equipment, Tools, and Supplies

Legend Clay -Graphite and Sicarb Crucibles in Reno NV

Midwest Clay- polymer clay, Fimo, Fimo Soft, Sculpey, Elasticlay, Super Flex, Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Prem

Sun Country Gems - semiprecious beads

GrayWolf Galleries- rough wonderstone, dendritic gold ore

Tucson Show Guide - the Greatest Gem, Bead, Mineral and Jewelry Show on Earth!

Danville Engineering Products- micro sandblaster

New Era Gems rough cab and facet naterial

J.F. McCaughin waxes clays, and investment casting supplies

Photopolymer Plates-- make raised lettering and even moldable originals from graphics

Ney Metals - pewter also other casting and powdered metal alloys

Gemstoneworld - Facet Rough Mine-Direct for Rockhounds- on-line catalog

Micro-Mark model making tools

Tricor Metals - suppliers and fabricators of Titanium Zirconium and Tantalum - Portal to Retail jewelers, jewelry manufacturers & suppliers

Alpha Supply Inc. Lapidary and Jewelry Supplies in WA

Deco-Coat Products - UV Curable Resins

CrystalCast polyurethane resin doming system Facet Rough and Gemstone Designs

Modelexpo- modelmaking tools by Proxon, supplies and kits


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