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Alan K. Lipton
Fictioneer, Script Writer, Content Developer
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Hello, and thank you for visiting me online.

Your first question is probably, "Okay, what's a fictioneer?" To my knowledge, this isn't recognized as a real word. But I put it out there on my shingle because it's my best descriptor for what I do.

I see our world as a verbal matrix. Words are the primal building blocks of civilization. Language saturates our consciousness. We communicate to express ideas, feelings, and experiences. Most of us agree that the next best thing to a real experience (if not better) is a good story about what somebody else experienced or imagined. Even as radio, television, and computers replace the campfire, the town square, and other opportunities for quality facetime, people still want to hear those stories. The human mind craves information, education, and entertainment, but people who live in isolation and saturate themselves in electronic media may not be getting these things in enough variety or depth.

It's my mission to tell stories, and my vision to tell them in new ways. That's why I call myself a fictioneer. From early childhood, I've been in love with stories -- listening to and telling them, reading and writing them. Any good story in any genre sparks interest and engages the imagination. Since 1996 I've helped prove that the guiding principle for narratives and scripts also works in the world of e-prose and content development.

So what is it that I do?

I specialize in:

I work with historical contexts where:

Depending on your project, I'm a:

In just a few words, I can:

Of course, not everyone needs fiction in his or her enterprise. But anyone trying to reach an audience with words does need to hold that group's interest. So, while my core skills come from the world of fiction, and while I work and play well with the familiar ideas of what makes a narrative, I can also make language work for you. Give me your sweeping panoramas or gem-like details, and you'll see what I mean.

Please visit the following pages for examples.

Resume.....Featured Projects.....Writing Samples.....Links

Thanks again for your interest.