GETTING IT: How We Think and How Else We Can Think

Physics today is revolutionizing technologies.  The "systems approach" requires that we look at the "big picture",  the context in which our perceptions take place and which will expand or limit what we can think.   Like Chomsky's work with language,  we must consider that our way of thinking configures what we are able to think.

In this slender book,  Joan McKenna draws these ideas in human terms with familiar subjects so we can see the patterns of thinking that bind us or free us.  Finally, blending science and metaphysics, she lets us step into the Unified Field of Quantum Thinking where we can explore the known and unknown with equal skill.

Here is a tool that will transform, inspire and liberate our creative and problem solving abilities.

For those who thought "The Secret" was silly or who thought it a profound revelation,  GETTING IT gives the physics and metaphysics of consciousness.

     $20  ( plus tax and shipping)