The Epigenomic Field:  A Genetic Correction                                               $60

Anomalies identify the inaccuracies of any theory. In the general theory of DNA and RNA control over cell expression, there are a variety of anomalies that tell us our knowledge is less than precise:

 * cells change despite intact DNA and RNA sequences (1)

* in laboratory incubation of more than a few replications result in alteration      of cell expression. Most notoriously, tumor cells lose their identities and become undifferentiated HeLa cells when removed from the host resulting in a lack of in vitro cancer cell lines (2)

* cells that are dyed or are found in tattoos continue to include the dyes in the off-spring cells and maintain the tattoo indicating that chemical correction to original chemistry is not fully regulated by the DNA/RNA (3)

More anomalies and the common factor that calls for a correction to Genetic theory or the recognition of an epigenomic field.    Order now.