Inner Landscapes

Metaphysical Interpretations of Fairy Tales

                                                by Joan McKenna


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Healings:  The Journey of Transformation in Fairy Tales

The Kingdom Won With A Needle

            All that we require is at hand to meet every need, expected or unexpected.             Can we see value, where other's see nothing?  Can we serve the needs of the

              time and win the kingdom?


A Celtic Tale

            A divine discontent leads us into a quest in which we receive the gifts of the          spirit and the powers of discernment.  All along, the Divine has been luring us

            into Self discovery and empowerment.


Only One, the great shaman

            From the Native American tradition, our journey requires that we enter the Cave of Fear, and meet there our darkness and our destiny.  Empowerment gifts us with Divine Protection and Guidance but necessitates we go the Land of Ghosts...and raise the dead.



            To dance is to create a symbolic life.  To enter the spiritual realm, we must

            learn to transform our experiences into symbols or ideas.  Grief and hardship

            must become a source of nourishment:  the means to strength, power and

            wisdom.  Our feet must fit the shoes of right understanding before we can

            allow joy to claim us.


The Magic Cap

Understanding the languages of animals and plants can give you a definite advantage in finding the cause of sickness in the land.  Can you listen and        hear your own mistakes?


King Frost

            In the Long darkness, when the wind howls and the shadows of despair and              depression threaten, there is that which brings light and life.  An inner fire...


The Firebird

            Our journey of transformation is guided by the Inner Divinity expressing as              our desires.  To allow the true Self to emerge, we must be willing to leap into

            the cauldron of our fears, lose all by our own choice, and thereby, win the



Seven Foals

            Often we must lose one good to claim a greater good.  Keep your promises!

            Break the spell!  Even if heads may fall!



Winnings:  The Journey of Empowerment in Fairy Tales<

The Three Wishes

            Be careful what you wish for, you may get it ...and all its consequences.


Baba Yaga, the Witch

            Into the cauldron of the subconscious is all that has ever been said to us or              about us.  Are we under the spell of the past?  Are we expressing our own             aliveness or are we shackled to the shapes and forms of other people's                  agendas?  That which binds us is that which can free us, but witch is which?                      A Russian tale, spiced with cackles & howls.


The Master Cat or Puss in Boots

            We have an inheritance that will serve us, if we can listen and trust its                  guidance.  Can we claim more than the eye can see?  Can we live into

                                  a new idea of ourselves?


The Magic Mirror

In this African tale of magic and imagination, the shamanistic traditions teach the Infinite Power of Divine Law to protect and serve us.  Keep growing!  Immaturity or carelessness may surrender the gift and defeat us.  Do not confuse the power we use with the Source of the power or our success will be our undoing!


Seven in One Blow

Ha! We accomplish something that impresses us mightily with ourselves!    We take on a posture and a presence more than we deserve....and we become it!  Mischief or metaphysics?


The Man Who Bought A Dream

Some can hear the promptings of intuition as a resonating truth.  Some act upon their own intuitions...or those of another.


The Griffin

          Seeking wisdom, we find there are lessons everywhere.  To claim our Good,          we must let go of false responsibilities, know where the key to our power lies,         and make our thinking noble.



Awakenings:  The Journey of Forgiveness in Fairy Tales


The Princess and the Pea

            Some little thing...something nobody else would be bothered by...disturbs our

            soul.  Is this our perfectionism or our unrecognized Divinity?


The Pied Piper

            Stories tell and retell older symbols of our awakening spirituality.  Directions             are given for how to meet and honor our agreements.  Beware of cheating            spiritual laws!  That which helped you will strip you bare!


Merlin's Story

Isn't all of this vaguely familiar?  Didn't we meet already and haven't I already answered the question?  Have we simply forgotten what we know?


The Crock of Gold

            Unless we find the inner truth, all of our success mocks us.  We must find a           new way of seeing, a new way of being to heal and grow our spirits.


Sleeping Beauty

Our spiritual consciousness is under a spell, surrounded by thorns and our   efforts are frustrated.  What metaphysical secrets can awaken the Imprisoned Splendor?


Eros and Psyche

          Love is not enough.  Our soul desires to know more and startles herself into           a journey of a lifetime.


The Fisherman's Wife

            Our desires keep growing as we receive from the Divine.  Will we never be            satisfied?   What next?







Enchantments:  The Journey into Consciousness in Fairy Tales<

Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle

Honoring each individual's journey in the relationship between men and women requires that the question be raised and answered:  what do women really want?


Beauty and the Beast

How strange and mysterious the Divine seems to us as we search for what gives beauty and meaning to our lives.  Can we accept that here is the unrecognized Divine, in all its majesty and terror?  Can we come to love it and give it life through our life?


Where The Wolves Have Gone

         Spirituality is not for the faint hearted.  There is power, ability and fierceness          inherent in those who live from a larger vision.


Iron John

            The metaphysical journey detours from the psychological realm.     

Unrecognized, the Divine requires us to serve and utilize it to enter our      

full empowerment.  The Key is found beneath the dreaming of our soul.


King Midas

          Are you resistant to change?  Do you think that there is only one right way of           doing or being?  Are people leaving you in order to grow or be who they are?            A spell breaker!!


The Ravens

           Knowledge is not enough.  We yearn for the feeling of fulfillment, and when            our soul is born to us, what we know leaves us for a time and must be

           reclaimed spiritually.


Snow White

All the parts and players are within us.  Our envious hearts, our innocent souls, our diligent friends and our beloved.   The poison is in your mouth.  Break the spell!





Promises:  The Journey into Dominion in Fairy Tales

The Frog Prince

            The keys to our transformation are often the people who will not accept the              un-transformed parts of ourselves--our excuses, our faults, our self-pity.               Rejection is often the point at which we begin to change.


The Tinder Box

            Why does a man's spiritual path require material success?    Why is there that              love of competition and sharp-edged justice?  If this isn't fair, why is it right?


Faithful John

After you have gained your heart's desire, you are not finished.  You must now learn how to keep it, let it grow, and regenerate.



            In the journey of spiritual growth, we encounter forces within ourselves that             seem to meet our most pressing needs:  psychism, telepathy, mental

            manipulations.  But when the consciousness of our divinity is born, we must

            recognize the true nature of these energies to keep what is our own.


Quan Yin and the Proud Youth

From India to China, from Malay to Japan, the Goddess of Infinite Compassion, the Bodhivista, is renowned for blending humor and spice in the lessons of consciousness.  She is the aspect of the Divine known as the Law of Cause and Effect...always just.  Remember to honor your promises to the Divine.  What you make can be you wish.


The Unwilling Magician

            OOPS! We passed ourselves off as greater, wiser, more able than others...and              now we must live into our reputations!  Stumbling, groping, sweating and             praying, we're rising higher and higher!


The Salmon of Knowledge

Celtic legends speak of the Salmon of Knowledge bringing wisdom and     insight and reactivating the memory of past incarnations of the soul.  Fionne MacCool served truth, knowledge and poetry, burned his thumb and found his destiny in his hand.



Betrayals:  The Journey into Freedom in Fairy Tales


The Blue Light

            We can discover for ourselves how the spiritual laws work.

            By trial and error, we may strike it right and light the inner knowing.


Vasilisa The Beautiful

            In this Russian version of Cinderella, Vasilisa must obtain the light

            of a new awareness from Baba Yaga, the Witch, cunning and sly, to

             be freed from the tyranny of the un-en-lightened self.


The Water of Life

            Spiritual journeys require that we obey an inner integrity.  We must

           recognize the sign posts of the Divine and bring its inspiration into




            If we are trapped, can we grow great in our imagination such that a

           new idea arrives to free us?  Or shall the old judgments blind us until

           we find the power that transforms us?


 Jack and the Beanstalk

            A disproportionate sense of our own importance is referred to as

           "spiritual pride".  Appropriate boundaries and right relationships

            allow us to act with    power and effectiveness in claiming our

            birthright.  Stand back!  Giants are falling!


 Ali Baba

            Do we plot and scheme for success?  Do we want our share and that

           of our      brother, too?  Or do we heed our inner promptings, allow

           our soul to lead us and claim wealth, safety and success through an

           inner opening


The Golden Goose

            If we dabble with spirituality to adorn ourselves or to control the

            behavior of others, we find that we become caught in very sticky





Geas or Testings: The Journey of Commitment in Fairy Tales

King Thrushbeard

           Often we criticize and reject the people and conditions that will be of

           greatest benefit to us.  Our perfectionism leads to an emotional

           impoverishment.  Our journey of unfoldment leads through service

           and acceptance into the sovereignty of spirit.


The Glass Mountain

            Is your inner critic interfering with your spiritual development?  Have

            you conflicting opinions on which path to take?  Do you struggle for

            success, for happiness, for recognition only to have it slip away? 

            There are spiritual rules for success.  Do you unknowingly violate



The Eternal Return

           From the beginning of history, legends and stories have told of the

           one who returns from death to bring new life.  By many names,

           comes the hope and the promise of the divine.  Demeter seeks her

           daughter in the Underworld but there are tasks to complete.


The Dragon's Bride

           You're willing, but are you ready to live with Divine consciousness?

            Follow the signs, heed the warnings, be polite and of service, and

            fearlessly greet the Bridegroom and your destiny.


The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces

           Go down.  Follow your feelings.  Discover the ideas associated with

            them.  But if they are not answerable to the Inner King, your

            understanding--the shoes of your consciousness--will be ragged.


The Tramp and The Old Woman

            An old Swedish tale or chance encounters and unexpected good.

            Do we know who we meet or who sits at our table?


Finn MacCool and the Irish Gods

            We usually mistake the Divine for a problem or a pest.  It entangles

            us with difficulties and requires we claim our own divinity to hold our

            own again.   Listen! Is that a knock at your door?



Enlightenment:  The Journey into Sovereignty in Fairy Tales

The Soldier and the King

          In the spiritual journey, we go toward the light and then away as we

          utilize the subconscious mind to gain our way.  Our use of the power

          of consciousness may lead us into new understanding of the Divine

          Law of Cause an Effect.


The Elf

           The Divine knocks on the door, coming to us in a private place.  We

           may not    know how to handle them when they arrive.  That which

           challenges us holds the secret we are seeking.  We must go

           deeper...and face the dragons.


The Boots of Buffalo Leather

          Self-confidence or arrogance?  Effectiveness or grandiosity?  How

          the powers of the subjective or subconscious mind are governed by

          conscious awareness of Something More.


Hasjelti's Dance

           We have to stay awake!  When all the rest sleep, we must keep

           watch, follow  the signs and bring back the magic that will drive away

           evil and bring health and well being.


Manawee:  The Power of Two

            Women are strange.  Each has an outer nature and an inner nature.

            The soul is always feminine.  Ah, the power of two again.....


Tom Thumb

           How we long for the Divine Presence in our lives!  We imagine all it

           will bring to us, all it will do for us, how we will cherish it and keep it

           with us.  The Divine has Its own agenda, and its arrival may not be

           quite what we expected!


Tales of Aladdin (two tales)

           Oriental metaphysics are elaborate and ornate storehouses of

           symbol and meaning.  As Allah-din--the son and religion of God---

           finds the Divine and  all Its richness and power, he must grow in

           consciousness and character.  A rich journey.  Full of spices and