Quantum Thinking: Becoming the Solution

Quantum physics defines the Universe as a Unified Field where all points are connected to all other points. Or, from another perspective, that all points have a relationship with every other point even without being in direct contact.

Or, from yet another perspective, that we (any point) can influence and change another point simply by redefining our relationship.

If this makes your head hurt, you are not alone. Changing how you think about the Universe means that various assumptions we have held must be reconsidered and new points of view must be explored.

Getting there is the challenge.

And, why bother? You have managed to muddle through thinking the way you think without being aware that the way you are thinking might not be the only way to think or the most advantageous way to think.

Sure, you know that you can have different opinions from other people. But you can both be thinking in the same way just with different “ingredients” or language or logic or biases. Same WAY of thinking but different rhetoric about the content.

Learning about the various ways of thinking is helpful because it enables you to observe the shifts in your own thought and the effects that those shifts have on what you see is real, present and possible.

Learning the ways in which others think enables you to understand what will be needed for their thinking to shift or how you can shift your thinking to meet theirs. This is tremendously helpful in relationships, negotiations and conflict resolution.

Quantum Thinking offers additional benefits for problem solving, developing new inventions, planning for the unknown, bridging mathematical and conceptual fields like parallel or multiple universes, and just about anything that is or could be imagined.

And if something can be imagined in a Quantum Universe, by definition, it is real.

This is why the language of physics dealing with Quantum phenomena is similar to mysticism, magic and metaphysics. Thoughts are things. When you change your thinking, you change the reality you experience. Or perhaps you enter another reality. Or perhaps you have altered the reality you are in.

Using Quantum Thinking, you can connect to the answer to any question. You can even connect to multiple right answers and pick what appeals to you. This does not violate the laws of the Universe. Rather, it moves us from a flat earth perspective to a multidimensional universe where the shortest distance between two points may be non-linear

It may be based on how we think rather than what we think.

To get to the point of view where you can access the answer to any question, you have to be aware of how you are thinking and how else you can think.  There are essentially only four ways to think about anything. In GETTING IT, we will illustrate how you may be thinking, how else you could think, and how to move into Quantum Thinking from wherever you begin.

GETTING IT: How We Think and How Else We Can Think    $20