This document is a compilation of the Thermobaric theory of the cause and effective treatment of cancer. Due to the need for client confidentiality and the limits of space, case histories are referenced as either examples or to illustrate a thermodynamic pattern that supports abnormal growths. This document is not exhaustive of the nearly 30 years of research that has been conducted . It is a white paper to communicate the general theory and its ramifications.

This paper does not provide all the possible combination of personal factors that can result in tumors and abnormal growths. The inventory of factors and combinations of heat inducing conditions provide guidelines for nearly 90% of heat inducing or heat concentrating elements that alter the systemic management of heat and therefore, growth. .

Additional articles are being prepared for publication to the Internet and elsewhere. My intention is to make useful, accurate and helpful information available to patients, researchers, physicians and healthcare providers. By applying this general theory, a systems approach can be designed for the specific patient. But, like the rubric cube, the disorder in any one presentation may have unique patterns that must be addressed to solve the problem.

Investigating individual case histories and procedures for correcting the thermodynamic distortion requires intensive study of the individual, their life, their environments, their psycho physiology and their history of self treatment and medical care. As a result, the inventory of clients is relatively small: less than 200 in 30 years. Acceptance as a client requires a major commitment of time, adherence to procedures, honest and full reporting, ability to pay for the needed testing and support services. And courage. Clients have included those for whom traditional medical treatment has failed as well as those for whom traditional treatment succeeded but who desired guidance in optimizing their choices for preventing recurrence and restoring health and vitality.

Clients and their support teams have also agreed to be active and on-going participants in being monitored and evaluated for extended periods after the abnormal presentations have resolved. The process of normalizing physiological thermodynamics is gradual to allow physiological set points particularly in the hypothalamus to reset and stabilize. Even with effective elimination of tumors, the body requires time and reinforcement for the new, normal set points to resist thermodynamic stress. As a rule of thumb, it takes 10 days to 3 weeks to correct one year of abnormal thermodynamic functioning to eliminate tumors, and three to four years to fully stabilize the hypothalamus set points for effective thermal regulation. Cell growth is regulated by the thermodynamics of the tissue environment. The pattern of excess of heat is the stimulus and the abnormal growth is the effect. A pattern of normal thermodynamics stimulates normal growth and normal functioning.

Physics governs chemistry and morphology. This is the way the universe works. This work has been done independent of government and pharmaceutical grants. Private contributions to the general research are welcome. Individual gifts up to $10,000 in one year are not subject to taxation on the recipient. So all the funds will support the research on animals, dogs and cats and human beings to expand the possible non-invasive and non toxic procedures. Joan McKenna, Berkeley, California 2007

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