Yes!  I have a variety of activities and professional activities. 

I am  an Information Scientist and Research Analyst-- an investigator of what kind of information may exist on a subject, where it could be found and, once found,  what facts can be verified, what  and where opposing viewpoints would come from, and whether the sources and assertions of the various documents are trustworthy or not.

I am a Research Physiologist and Research Designer.   I have developed a systems' approach to biological phenomena which enables analysis of the causes and possible cures for nearly any physical condition.  Called "thermobarics"  the systems theory focuses on  physiological thermodynamics as predictive and causative of all chemical and morphological events in biological systems.

I do investigations of new inventions and discoveries.   I am hired to investigate anomalies in research findings.  I hold the first process patent for preserving living material by freezing and having it alive when it comes out of the process (life suspension).  I do independent investigations of the causes and potential cures of diseases.  I work as a consultant to patients and doctors to optimize immune competence and maximize normal physiological functioning on a case by case basis. I serve as a medical advocate for patients and families looking at treatment and care choices and evaluate the treatment and care provided  by health delivery systems.   I am a consultant to attorneys in  personal injury cases  in preparing them, their clients and their expert witnesses in explaining complex physiological interactions and long term effects of injuries.

My current work includes independent investigaton of   the relationship of AIDS to syphilis and chemically induced immune suppression (BASIS Project), Diving as a extreme thermodynamic condition or a special case of fever,  and genetic configuration  or  disease as positive adaption to  specific configurations of the physics of stress (Hereditary Anemias)

Thirty years ago, I was 80% disabled and told that I would be paralyzed within two years and dead within five.  Medicine had given up on me and in my despair, I turned to God.  I didn't know how to pray, I didn't know what was needed to heal me,  I knew only that if it was known,  God knew it.    I had attended a Church of Religious Science for awhile a few years before, and I remembered that  if I could find a way that I could believe God would heal me, then I would be healed.  I did and I know others can, too.

I believe in God.  I believe that all that there is, is God.  So my life is in service to God.  As a  scientist, I recognize intelligence, order, beauty and purpose in the organization of life.  It is not random.  I rely on intrinsic order in my research and in designing experiments.   I believe that a person's idea of God and his or her place in the Universe in relation to God is the Big Picture,--or the optimum system parameter, or the context of possibility for that person.  I have written about this in a linked article, "The Technology of Consciousness".

Where people do not have any beliefs about God, I encourage them to explore.  Where they have an idea of God that makes them fearful and despairing, I tell them about how much they are loved and how God holds nothing against them.  It is their own minds and hearts that are in the way.  I do not change anyone's religious beliefs, but I help them find the place in their belief where they will let God work for them.

I study and teach metaphysics as a minister in the Center for Spiritual Living in Fairfield,California   Every month, I take a fairy tale or a legend and interpret it as a storehouse of information about our spiritual journey.  These tapes and CDs   have become a series called Inner Landscapes: The Metaphysical Interpretation of Fairy Tales,  You may sample them in print or by audiofile and order more if you like.  

I participate in a number of internet lists in relation to New Thought and Metaphysics.

Eleven years ago, I discovered that I have talent as a painter.  I paint in acrylics and aquacryl.  I paint from life and from imagination.  I look for the sacred expressing through all around us. In the coming weeks I'll put some of my pictures in a file for you.

You may know me as a speaker and presenter at conferences on AIDS, alternative medicine, emerging issues in medicine, the power of thought in healing, and religion and science as ways of exploring the Universe.

My work takes me around the country and around the world.  If you would like to see some of my work, click on the links that interests you.