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Recent Work
Another Black Man Killed

Installation at The San Francisco Art Institute

The final show for the Teacher Professional Development Program at SFAI.


Tar Beach, Faith Ringold

Student Work

Curriculum Guide
An on-line curriculum guide for teaching high school art that features a 5 day unit with detailed lesson plans. Also includes article summaries relating to content area literacy, and a resource guide for a social action approach to teaching.

Echoes of Violence, Voices of Change
Teachers from multiple content areas collaborate on a unit with an historic overview of WW 1 to give students back their voices. See ART section for Kyra's unit and lesson plans. Web site and all materials in the ART unit written, designed, and produced by Kyra Rice.

Important Videos


Samples of Student Work

Technology Arts - Galileo High School

Visual Arts - Galileo High School

Creative Woods - McClymonds - BEST

Arts Portfolio Archive

Kit-o-parts Aeroplane

Site Specific Installation

Gallery shows and invitations in Oakland and San Francisco, CA. All art works on this site were created by Kyra Rice. Web site designed and produced by Kyra Rice.


more art and design...

Integrity through movement

Kyra Rice mission statement,
dance and performance protfolio.

Visual arts portfolio:
League of Burnt Children Web Site
Aryk Web Design (archive)

Web and applications design firm founded by Kyra Rice and Eric Hulteen in 2000. "Aryk Web Design was dedicated to a simple idea — that web sites and computer applications should be focused on providing a satisfying, productive, and (dare we say) even pleasant experience for people." Quote by Eric Hulteen.

Kyra's visit to Togo, west Africa