round image of winged Isis with Nile flowing behind her

Auset holds the Ankh, symbol of life,
and the sistrum of Kemetic temple dancers.
She wears the horned solar disc of Het-Heru
(Hathor) and the vulture crown of Mut (the Mother).
Auset is clothed in the night sky,
her hips encircled by the Knot of Isis.





Isis of 10,000 names
the Nubian great goddess:

Mother of the Gods,
Giver of Life,
Maker of the Sunrise,
Great Enchantress.

As the star Sirius, her rising with the sun
signals a new year and the fertilizing floodtide
of the Nile. So Auset was also praised as
Opener of the Year,
Creatrix of the Nile Inundation,
Lady of Abundance,
Lady of Green Crops and of Bread.

Copyright 2000 Max Dashu

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