Ets khayyim hi le mazikim bah:

She is a Tree of Life to all who embrace her.





Wisdom, the power guiding creation,
is praised as "intelligent, holy, unique, manifold,
subtle; mobile, clear, unpolluted, distinct,
invulerable, loving the good, keen, irresistible...."

In the Book of Proverbs,"She is a Tree of Life
to all who lay hold of her." (3:18)
She sings, "The one who finds me,
finds Life." (8:35) And
she builds a house of seven pillars.

In the book of Ben Sirach (24:4) she declares,
" My throne was in the pillar of cloud."
In late antiquity she was venerated as
the all-wise creatrix and genetrix Sophia.


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Copyright 2000 Max Dashu

Copyright 2000 Max Dashu

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