Neit is crowned with a shuttle,
emblem of her creative power as the Weaver.
This image is painted on a sarcophagus;
as protector of the dead, Neit is often paired
with the scorpion goddess Selqet.






Neit, the weaver,
great mother of Kemet

"Eldest of the primordial gods,
She who made that which is,
She who created that which exists....
She who rises in the primal waters,
She who fills heaven and earth with
her beauty, the mother of millions...
who gave birth to Ra,
who brought forth in primeval time herself,
never having been created."

Inscribed on the inner sanctuary of the great Temple of Neit
at Sais were the words:
"I am all that is or was or will be and no mortal has ever raised my veil."


More ancient litanies of Neit


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