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Our Reproductive Rights

Right to decide to bear a child or not:
to contraception, abortion, self-protection and sex education

Right to perinatal medical care, with full information, and no forced sterilizations, no unnecessary Caesarians or hysterectomies

Right to protect children from sexual violation

Right of mothers to justice in custody and family law, including poor, working, lesbian, disabled, battered, and imprisoned mothers

Right of a people to preserve its bloodlines and families, and to survive as a culture

Right of all people to live free of chemical and
nuclear poisons that harm our genetic integrity
and disrespect Mother Earth

It is a woman's decision whether she will bear a child
from her breath, blood and bone.



Safe, non-experimental birth control.

Medical care for all.

Educate the youth about their options,
and how to protect themselves.

No more violence against women.

No coercion. No forced sterilization,
no forced childbearing.

Give imprisoned mothers contact with their children,
and children connection with their mothers.


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A woman has a right to decide whether and how she will bear children. Forcing her to go through pregnancy and birth against her will is an assault on her humanity. She’s not a machine; it is her body and life that are at stake, and bringing a child into the world falls to her responsibility. Every woman has a right to physical integrity, safety, and the dignity of self-determination.

Criminalizing abortion (or birth control) is no help to “the family” when its members’ health and economic survival are threatened, and working mothers’ access to childcare is extremely limited.

Restricting teen women’s access to birth control information and methods results in millions of immature mothers without partners or job skills. Ideologues who want to bar teens’ access to sex education and birth control are also blocking information about safer sex practices that prevent the spread of HIV-AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Some, such as HPV, can later cause cervical cancer to develop.

Poor and young mothers' lack of access to medical care and perinatal support services leads to a shockingly high infant mortality rate (and maternal mortality too) among some US communities.

Many women of color and disabled women have been subjected to forced sterilization and medical experimentation without informed consent in the past four decades. Government agencies have even imposed risky methods like Norplant hormonal implants on women as a condition for receiving benefits.

But even rich and white and able-bodied women are subjected to unnecessary hysterectomies and Caesarian sections, whose rates have escalated dramatically in recent years. The ability to schedule deliveries may be convenient for doctors, but they don’t tell the women that hospitals will then oblige them to have Caesareans for all later births. (the surgery weakens the abdominal wall, especially when only one layer of flesh is sutured, as is now common).

Imprisoned mothers have no recourse to criminal neglect of their medical needs. Some are forced to give birth in shackles; most are deprived of contact with their babies after birth. These mothers are also separated from their other children, and often permanently stripped of custody—even though many are in prison because of attempts to provide for those children.

Another group of mothers who are treated as subhumans without rights are “surrogate” mothers. Their economic need (and sometimes their generosity) leads to essential sale of their maternal entitlements, ferociously enforced by surrogacy contract law.

Violence against women has a huge impact on reproductive rights. Abusive partners often escalate their battering when a woman becomes pregnant, often targeting their punches and kicks to her belly. Rape, whether by strangers, boyfriends or relatives, creates an especially urgent need to terminate a pregnancy. Girls are the group least likely to be able to access abortions for rape-pregnancies. The limitations proposed in many states would legally subject girls to the consent of an incestuous father.












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