Tips for New Recruits

How do you prepare your new brogans?

Many people fear wearing the slabs of leather we call brogans.  Actually, they can be made quite comfortable.  They held up well for the men on the march.  The reenactor can make them a little more comfortable.  With research you will find the civil war soldier did some of these procedures as well!  First, you can buy a period insole or one at your local drug store (industrial strength is recommended).  You can wear double sock, put your modern cotton socks underneath the period wool or cotton socks and you have some extra padding.  After a few events, your brogans will conform to the shape of your feet with the two socks and they will act like a buffer.  You can soften the leather on the brogans by applying Kiwi saddle soap, huberds shoe oil, or lexol conditioner.  You can also wear your brogans in around the house or doing yard work to help break them in before the event.  Last, you should ensure you have a "horseshoe" heel plate under the heels for traction.  You can also scuff up the slipper leather soles by scraping them on your driveway or brick (ask your parent's permission first!).

How to clean and take care of your leathers?


How do you mark your gear like the soldiers did?


How do you sew on buttons that will last?