Kristin Doner
   Ceramic Artist


Featured prominently in The Best of Pottery (Rockport Publishers) and Ceramics Monthly magazine, Kristin Doner's work is represented in numerous galleries across the country. With a wide price range, her work appeals to discriminating gift-givers and selective art buyers alike. Current outlets include upper-end craft and fine art galleries, resort and museum gift shops, interior design professionals, and corporate gift buyers.

Kristin Doner grew up in upstate New York, where she explored painting, photography, fiber, and eventually ceramics. Influenced by Paulus Berenshon's book Finding One's Way with Clay, she explored techniques for making pinch pots. After studying with potter Vally Possony in Falls Church, Virginia, Kristin first had the dream of one day becoming a full-time potter.

Exploration has always been a cornerstone for Kristin's work in ceramics. Combining this with her fondness for pinch pots, she developed an unusual method for creating large hand-built forms. By applying the "hammer and anvil" technique to traditional pinch pot methods, she was able to use up to eight pounds of clay in a single ball. This is a remarkable achievement, considering that using more than one pound of clay for a pinch pot is rare.

Choosing workshops and instructors carefully, Kristin continued to develop her ceramic abilities. Among the workshops having the biggest impact on her work were "Primitive Pottery" with Clint Swink and "Surface and Form" with Lana Wilson. Kristin also developed a keen interest in ancient history, which is evident in her classical use of form and unique surface treatments. Eventually clay became an undeniable force in Kristin's life, which ultimately conflicted with her full-time job developing electronic performance support systems at Intel, one of the nation's top computer chip companies. Therefore, she decided to give clay her full attention in 1995, focusing on the Raku firing technique. Among the recognition for her work is the California Clay Competition's Juror's Award received in 1996.

"This ancient tradition of creating vessels by using earth and fire has taken me on the most exciting and satisfying journey of my life."

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