Kristin Doner
   Ceramic Artist

 Selected Publications Featuring Kristin Doner's Work

 Craft of Northern California, November 2002, Alcove Books
Author John Mathieson, November 2002, A&C Black in Europe and The American Ceramics Society
 500 Bowls,
February 2003, Lark Books 
 Creative Ideas for Clay Artists
The Ame rican Ceramics Society
 The Ceramic Design Book: A Gallery of  Contemporary Work
, Lark Books
 Clay Times, November/December 1998
 The Crafts Report, October 1998: Clay Dominates at Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival
 Ceramics Monthly, September 1998: In Pursuit of Form (read original draft)
 Watertown Daily Times, March 27, 1998: Working in Clay, by Charlotte Miller
 The Best of Pottery, Rockport Publishers
 Ceramics Monthly, January 1997: California Clay Competition
 Table & Cadeau, October 1995 (France): Lecon de Positivi

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