Pictures of Kauai.

Brad's birthday pictures. First, we had FRDs (Fruity Rum Drinks) at our social hour on the lawn and watched the sunset. By this time, I had acquired some new accessories. Then, Ken had to cook with fire to make the pineapple topping for the birthday cake. It was quite a project to get the candles lit. As you can see, Brad thought seriously about his wish before blowing out the candles. Then we all scarfed it down.

Once we recovered from Brad's birthday, we left Prince William resort for a house on the beach. Much better! We had a big kitchen, so we could continue with our favorite activity: cooking. Here's Terry cooking now….A random sunset at the end of a day of snorkeling. This large (5 feet !!) eel startled me quite a bit, but I got the shot. Stephen told me later that the eel left the vicinity even faster than I did.

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