Caye Caulker, Caye Caulker Marine Reserve, Swallow Caye, Altun Ha
Luggage and limes
Lobsterfest parade
Lobsterfest pageant
Caye Caulker police cruiser
Espresso & Whole Wheat
Vienna sausages for every taste
Waffles with butter, cheese whiz, dutch cheese, ham, & syrup
Caye Caulker's sandy streets
Caye Caulker docks
Belikin or milk?
Sun before the storm
Floating at Sixty-One Months
Coral sands
Steering wheel on a pig
Dancing like a hurricane
Preparing for tropical storm
Having a drink in the drink
Eye of the storm
Swimming at the Split
Glass bottom boat at the reef
Snorkeling Shark Ray Village
Conch shell
Gorgonian sea fan
Nurse shark
Nurse shark
Yellow stingray
Yellow stingray
Southern stingrays
Southern stingray
Stingray gills
Lobed star coral and gobies
Lobed star coral
Nassau grouper
Grooved brain coral
Star coral
Pillar coral?
Caye caulker fishing boat
Boating through mangroves
Manatee preserve at Swallow Caye
Neotropical cormorants
No shirt, No shoes,...
Spotted shiny lobsters
Smoky bacon and Roasted chicken chips
Diving Caye Caulker
Diving Caye Caulker
Sea rods
Sea rods, sea plumes, and giant barrel sponge
Giant barrel sponge
Dark volcano sponge
Azure vase sponge
Green moray and sheet coral
Yellow barrel sponge and saucer coral
Giant barrel sponge and sea plume
Sea plume and sea fan
Fire coral and sea plumes
Brain coral and sea plumes
Blue chromis and slippery dicks
Grooved brain and lettuce corals
Grooved brain coral and sea plumes
Star coral
Azure vase sponge and sea fan
Azure vase sponge and sea fan
Great star coral
Star coral
Azure vase sponge and knobby sea rods
Azure vase sponge
Azure vase sponge and volcano sponge
Coral at Remora Canyons
Star coral
Swimming the Split
Al fresco lobster and rum punch
Inside the Rainbow Casita
Altun Ha's Sun God building
Mayan masonry at Altun Ha
Altun Ha observatory & baths
Mayan calendar and aguacate
Altun Ha's Wind God building
Air freshener
Water taxi
Chinatown corner
Chillax corner
Moon and coconut fronds
Palms at night
Looking at mangroves
Driving to Front Street
Young coconuts
Belizean embroidery