Stepping out
Mountains 2007
South Fork of the Trinity River one weekend, Tuolumne and Yosemite Valley the next.
Sequoia & Annalise don their karma helmets
Crossing the swinging bridge, S. Fork Trinity River
Hiking along the South Fork of the Trinity River
Getting their feet wet
Stepping stones
Pitching rocks
Lichen those sideburns
Lichen that moustache
Peach at the Weaverville Joss House
Looking at the Cloud Forest Temple
Yvonne & Annalise at the oldest Joss House around
Mural detail at Joss House
Water dragons protecting the Joss House
Dog Lake, Yosemite
Dog Lake
Hiking at Dog Lake
Tuolumne Meadows from Lembert Dome
Sequoia atop Lembert Dome
South from Lembert Dome
North from Lembert Dome
Walking off the edge of Lembert Dome
East from Lembert Dome
Granite erratic
Hayley's bear food at Curry Village
Hayley, Andrea, Yvette, Taylor, & Tesaiyac
North Dome & Washington Column
Washington Column
Looking for Mirror Lake
Looking at the Giant Sequoia
Sequoia in a Sequoia
Sequoia cones on National Park Service hats
Sharing a ride with a bear
Washing rocks in the Merced