January 1, 2003


Nappy Yew Hear! We had every intention to send this out before the holidays, but since we are just getting around to it now, we hope you enjoyed yours.

This has been a memorable and busy year for us... so busy that we probably haven¹t told you we bought a house in Albany, California in May. Our cozy 1934 MacGregor home has been the primary reason for our lack of communication with the outside world except with contractors. Since Li started law school this fall at Boalt, though, he has been perversely enthusiastic about reading all the contracts.

Despite the tough decision to stop working at Altera, attending Boalt has exceeded all of Li¹s high expectations. Although he¹s used to being around smart, articulate people (like you and Yvette), he LOVES being surrounded by so many young, engaging, and publicly-minded people. Li has yet to join the Dinos, a club for older law students, since he tends to be more amused by people who grew up with Justin Timberlake.


In her new role as sugar momma, Yvette continues to work with Alameda County overseeing adolescent health centers. Li¹s school schedule forces Yvette to resurrect her cooking skills from her days at Yan Can Cook. Luckily, Li still makes time to bake her favorite pumpkin cranberry bread. YUMMY! Yvette keeps busy by volunteering at the SF Bay Bird Observatory banding little birdies (the highlight this year was banding a pair of blue grosbeaks...one of the first sightings in the Bay Area), taking weekly voice lessons, and participating in the Berkeley Community Chorus and Orchestra. The Chorus performed Mozart¹s Mass in C Minor in December and will be performing Brahm¹s Requiem in the spring.

        Hermit thrush


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Dressed to kill, with cleaver and purple chest hair

We both can¹t believe that November marked our three year wedding anniversary. We celebrated by making our annual pilgrimage to our favorite Point Reyes B&B and slurping barbecued oysters. Yvette participated in her twin sister¹s wedding in May in the Bay Area and then in a second wedding banquet in Chicago in July. During that same time, Yvette visited Li at the National Youth Science Camp in West Virginia, where he worked as a ³fashion model² and showed off his purple chest hair to inspire the latest generation of budding scientists. Needless to say, we still leave time for rock climbing and snowboarding. The Wall at Kirkwood ROCKS!


This year, we both had time to travel with our parents. In November, Yvette went to Hong Kong and China with her parentsmainly to help her mother seek medical treatment to maintain her limited eyesight. In April, we traveled with Li¹s family to El Centro, California where Li¹s father was able to retell many of his precious stories before his unexpected passing in July.

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We¹re often reminded of the many lessons we learned from him, and are thankful for our brief but fortunate lives. Despite the ailing economy and the misguided focus on Iraq, we always remember that gratitude is the basis of our faith. We are grateful for your continued friendship and hope that we will see you in 2003.

Peace and love,

Liwen & Yvette