Parks 2008
Valley View
Liberty Cap
Vernal Falls
Upper Yosemite Falls
Fort Point Stairs
Fort Point Barracks
Fort Point Barracks
Fort Point Tower
Klamath Golden Bear
Summer Heat
Blue Eyed Grass
Rock at High Bluffs
Ravenwood Lighthouse
Beach Morning Glory
Sneaker Waves
Baby Swallows
Tunnel Tree
Rock at Redwood Creek
Tall Trees Grove
Yurok Graffiti
Battery Point
Green and Aggregate Anenomes
Ochre Sea Star and Dry Anenome
Gold Bluffs Crossing
Fern Canyon Wall
Fern Canyon Boardwalk
Five Fingered Fern
Gold Bluffs Sand
Elk Lunching
Trillium Falls4
Here Lies Big Foo
Looking up to Paul Bunyan
Sister Rock and Her Sand Spit Legs
Above the Klamath
Munching at Fashoda
Camping with Geese at Thirty-Seven Months
Dancing and Camping
Spelunking at Union Valley
Fashoda Camping
Union Valley Reservoir
Harden Flat
Elizabeth Lake
Elizabeth Lake
Piggy in Yosemite
Climbing Erratics
Tenaya Canyon
Olmsted Point
Tall Sequoias
Sequoia Cone
Merced Grove
Sequoia in Suspension
Walking Stick
Point Reyes Estero
Finding a Feather
On the Estero Trail
Burned Firs
Looking Back
Trail Buddies
Sculptured Beach
Playing in the Pacific
Sea Stone
Goose Barnacles
Sandy Anenome
Tight Fit
Mussel Beach
Sleeping Anenomes
Awake Anenomes
Dry Mussels
Sculptured Beach
Arch Rock Overlook
Under Arch Rock
Arch Rock
Saving My Sole with Seaweed
Natural Slide
Dozing at Stovepipe Wells
Mesquite Dunes
Dune Walking
Sand Sea
Sand Slide
Rock Monster
Devil’s Golf Course
Rhyolite Bottle House
Bottle Detail
Rhyolite Ruins
Bank Crisis
Artist’s Palette
Death Valley
Golden Canyon
Red Amphitheater
Yosemite in spring, Fort Point, Redwoods, Tidepools, Union Valley Reservoir, Yosemite in late summer, Point Reyes in autumn, Death Valley in winter