In the garden of Herbal Evil

The wounded man plants the bitter root ofDeadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade has round black stalks

man planting Deadly Nightshade
statement: children offered to the devil

the devil with children

Bannish Deadly Nightshade where women and child resort as they long and lust after things most filthy

Deadly Nightshade germinates
the Myth that
myth: women are not to be trusted
paleolithic figurine with enormous vulva

Paleolithic figurines continued to be protrayed with enormous vulvas

Deadly Nightshade brings madness

poster: governments comprise few women

Mutilation Response


a torture that became an erotic stimuli for Chinese men

Deadly Nightshade is a medicine for binding

mutilated feet

The deformations of the feet resulting from footbinding. Deprived of their freedom of movement, Chinese women were bound to their homes

Affected Function
 supine child mummy
Deadly Nightshade causes sleep and troubles the mind

poster:more boys in school

Muslim girls kept out of school

Muslim girls in San Francisco kept out of school to be protected from "bad" influences.
photo Brant Ward/San Francisco Chronicle

Deadly Nightshade can cause death if humors are sharp

Current Mutilation
poster: women earn less per $ than men

poster:Women hold fewer gov't positions

Deadly Nightshade can give inward affliction

Women Activists

Should women pants...
wear the pants...go to college...go to war...go to the a cop...
be equal
Photograph Steve Northup. NewYork Times Magazine

Destroying myths