Planting the blessed herb

Chaste Tree

to bind with Tormentil that inclines the minds of men to inordinate passion

in the Blissful Garden of Herbal Good
Chastetree chastens men's fears of control of lust

convicted molester

Douglas Krout, convicted molester, was captured after 100 MPH chase. The girl, 11, returns after he threatened to "blow the her brains out" if she told what he did..

Nail Fetish

Mirrordeflects malign influences and incubates herbal cure.
If you strew the leaves and flowers under the bed, you will have in sleep peace from wicked, unchaste dreams peace. The herb will do away with the ache of a man's head that is engendered by wicked humors.

herbal pharmacists
Preparation of a medical potion derived from certain herbs.
Illuminated page: Hippocrates: De Diversis Herbis - 13 th century

It Destroys the myth that

myth:negating women are sexually voracious
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