How are you feeling?
Express with words and a gesture how you feel.

Photographs of participants' gestures are correlated with Indian Mudra gestures.

photo of tight fists abandoning- fist mudra

photo of spreading hands bathe mudra

photo of holding baby by crossed hands

photo of hands as if reading reading book mudra

photo hands near chin chin mudra (hands near chin)

photo fist curved near heart fist near heart mudra

photo hands up on each 2 fingers curled,touching        curled                                              ingers curled         ed, touching  ed mudra ocean

photo hands open, fingers touching peace mudra

photo hands crossed across chest perfume mudra

photo of 2 fingers curled, touching remembering mudra

photo hands spread and open mudra rice

photo hands open and above each other mudra send away

photo hands perpendicular to each other mudra for sign

photo cupped hands mudra silver

photo fists separated against chest mudra singing music

photo hands flat, overlapping against chest           chest mudra of skin

photo hands curved toward chest mudra softness

photo hands clasped mudra sorrow

photo hands flat above each other touching mudra stairway

photo backs of hands up, against chest mudra sun

photo palms open, outstretched mudra temporal-of this world

photo hands clutched mudra wife-to-be-done

photo both hands up in mudra wings-of-bird

photo index finger pointed up mudra witness