muscle womanMuscular and otherwise masculine women produce weakling males. ­Arabella Kenealy Feminism and Sexual Extinction, New York 1920

Only those perfect in body and mind should mate. If they sleep together before such
perfection, the body will be destroyed.
The Handbook of all Knowledge . . .which it is necessary for the man of all ages to know.
Berlin 1835

man with many childrenIn 1920 the Reverend F.B. Meyer cautioned against sexual intercourse during pregnancy fearing it would transmit depraved lust to the unborn child.
-In Control of Parenthood

Women's physiology is effected by every copulation as it leaves its imprint. A second
husband's child could bear resemblance to the first husband,
-Dr. Bernard Talmy Love: A Treatise on the Science of Sex-Attraction
2nd Rev. ed. New York 1916

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