If a woman is going to have a male child, she has a healthy complexion, if a female,
she has a poor complexion. -Hippocrates

Gland grafting would guarantee a continuous intravenous flow of seminal nutrition.
-Serge Voronoff 1928 The Conquest of Life

Dr. Paul Kammerer, biologist, advocated the vasoligature of one spermatic duct in
order to both produce progeny and preserve vitality at the same time. This was a
form of seminal continance that brought nutrients to gray matter.
-The Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics
New York 1924

Coitus is contaminating. It can cause the stomach to distend, and a man's skin to lose its taut, masculine quality. -Gilber Herdt 1981Guardians of the Flutes:


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