Dr. Daniel Carjdusek,Nobel Scientist,Pleads Guilty to Abusing Boy

The boy was one of 56 Micronesian children, mostly boys, whom he has brought to the United States since the 1960's. 'His writings from New Guinea and other remote regions of the earth are filled with scenes of boys surrounding him and having intimate contact with him'.

Dr.Gajdusek shared the Nobel Prize in 1976 for discoveries involving degenerative brain diseases. While in New Guinea he investigated a disease called Kuru that was killing people there. His journals, published and distributed by the National Institute of Health, contained descriptions of sex between men and boys.

-Irvin Molotsky New York Times 2/19/97


N.Y. mayor in drag

N.Y. Mayor Rudolph Guiliani in drag for the "Inner Circle" dinner
-Associated press S.F. Chronicle 3/3/97

C.Klein ad-man with breasts
Calvin Klein 1996


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