Apes are not naughty by nature

Heirarchy is established according to best friendships and alliances
-David Berreby, photo: Ann States/Saba New York Times

Katherine Graham


Katherine GrahamKatherine Graham with mask
HarryNaltchayal WashingtonPost
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(left)Lizzie Himmel

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Graham's wealthy father gave her husband a majority of shares of stock in The Washington Post. He said that no man should be in a position of working for his wife. "I not only concurred but was in complete accord. I adopted the assumption of many of my generation that women were intellectually inferior to men. . . most of us became somehow inferior" with an exaggerated desire to please.
-San Francisco Examiner Magazine 3/2/97

Challenge to age-old tribal custom that uses women to pay obligations

The compensation demand for the killing of a clan leader followed a complex tribal calculus: $15,000, 25 pigs and 18-year-old Miriam Wilngal .

Bartered Papua Bride Opts Out New York Times 5/7/97
She wants to be a typist and have her own money.

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