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The Smell to rid The Old Trait.

  • Smell battle if sensitive
  • Smell success if shy .
  • Smell cheese if self-denigrating
  • Smell things if solitary
  • Smell fire if self-conscious
  • Smell a rat if self-sacrificing
  • Smell the sea if unfocused
  • Smell lilies if anxious
  • Smell old clothes if anhedonic
  • Smell April and May if guilt-ridden
  • Smell gas if obsessional
  • Smell actions if reticent
  • Smell rain and dew if resolute
  • Smell grass if inhibited
  • Smell blood if unassertive
Technical assistance:
Mark V. Vinsel - Escape to Nature David Rapoport--Annette Loudon

Special thanks: Tom Bates--Marie Sat--Sol Fereres--Sonia Fereres--David Cross--Penelope Finnie