SONYA RAPOPORT 6 Hillcrest Court Berkeley, CA 94705 (510) 658-4741







BORN: Boston, Massachusetts





      Massachusetts College of Art;

      B.A. New York University;

      M.A. University of California, Berkeley





      BIOS 4,Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporneo, Seville, Spain, 2007

      Center for Jewish Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, 2007

      4th International Symposium of Interactive Media Design, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006

      Whitney Biennial 2006, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York , NY, 2006

      Museum of Contemporary Art, For Everyone and No One, North Miami, Fla, 2005

      San Francisco Museum of Art Gallery, KALA 30 Something, San Francisco, 2005

      Pixel Pops, City Gallery, New Haven Connecticut, 2005

      Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofa,"violence without bodies, Madrid, Spain, 2005

      le-musee di-visioniste in Cologne, Germany, 2004

      SETI Workshop, Encoding Altruism: Interstellar Messaging, Paris, France, 2003

      Bienal de Arte, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2002

      University of California Alumni Exhibition, Berkeley, California, 2002

      Universities Art Assoc. Conference, Univ.of Quebec, Montreal, Canada, 2001

      HIGH TOUCH/HIGH TECH, Oakland Museum of Art , CA, 2000

      Refusalon Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2000

      Axis Reader on Gender and New Media, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2000

      Invencao, Instituto Itau Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 1999

      Graphic Electronic, Puebla, Mexico, 1999

      DIGITAL SALON, 1999: ITALY: Triennale di Milano

      SPAIN: Sala de Exposiciones CAM, Alicante;

o     Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid;

o     Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona;

      Touchware, SIGGRAPH 98, Orlando, Florida

      The Best of 2 Worlds, -Aleph, Arco Electronico 98, SPAIN

      Art + Bio - Univ. Art Gallery, Central Michigan U., Mt. Pleasant, 1998

      Finding the Fulcrum, LEONARDO's 30th Anniversary, Minna Street Gallery,

      San Francisco, California, 1997

      Mill Valley Film Festival, California, 1997

      Modesto Junior College Art Gallery, California,1997

      Fotofeis 97, Scottish Bienale Festival

      DIGITAL SALON 95, 96, 97, 98, New York, NY

      Mill Valley Film Festival 1997

      Euphrat Museum, De Anza College, Cupertino, California, 1997

      Maid in Cyberspace-le festival XX d'Art WWW, Montreal, Canada

      ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art) 1993, 95, 96,99         Copenhagen Film Festival, Denmark, 1996

      Siggraph95, Los Angeles, CA, 1995

      The World's Women OnLine, Beijing, China, 1995      

      Artists Shedding Light on Science, San Francisco State Univ., CA, 1994 

      CADRE (Computers, Art, Design, Research, Educ.) San Jose, CA, 1989-84     

      Digital Concepts and Expressions, Tish Art Gallery, New York Univ., 1988

      Pacific Film Archive, University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA 1984    

      Baxter Gallery, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, 1976

      Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria,1989-1992   

      Documenta 8, Kassel, West Germany, 1987





      The Art, Techology and Culture Colloquium, Univ.of California, Berkeley, 2004

      San Francisco Art Institute, Digital Studies Program, San Francisco, Calif. 2004

      The OaklandMuseum of Art, KALA Institute:High Touch, High Tech, Calif. 2000





      Generations: Lineage of InfluenceBay Area Art, Richmond Art Ctr, CA, 1996

      Capp Street Project, 1996

      Artist Resident Arts Wire, 1995

      Vuorovaekutus, Kuopio Museum, Kuopio, Finland, 1992

      The Animated Soul, Takada Arts 1992; Ghia Gallery 1991, San Francisco, CA

      Digital Mudra, KALA Institute, Berkeley, CA, 1987      

      Shoe-Field, MEDIA, San Francisco, CA, 1986

      Coping with Sexual Jealousy, Pauley Ballroom Univ. of Calif. Berkeley, 1984

      Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York, 1984

      Biorhythm: How do you feel? WORKS/San Jose, CA, 1983

      Back to Nature (Retrospective) Humboldt State Univ. Arcada, CA, 1983

      Shared Dynamics, Artists Space, New York, New York, 1981

      Shared Dynamics, New School for Social Research, New York, New York, 1981




      Psycho-Aesthetic Dynamics, 80 Langton Street, San Francisco, CA, 1980 

      Pictorial Linguistics, Franklin Furnace, New York, NY, 1979  

      Bonito-Rapoport Shoes, Donnell Center, New York Public Library, 1979 

      Interaction Art and Science, Truman Gallery, New York, NY, 1979  

      Peabody Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA ,1978 

      California (Crocker) Art Museum, Sacramento, CA, 1974

      San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA, 1974

      John Bolles Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1972, 70, 67, 64

      California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA, 1963





      Center for Book Arts, 30 Years of Innovation, New York, NY 2005

      Northern Calif. Book Artists, Ctr For Book Arts, New York City, 1998-99 (cat)

      Boundless: Liberating the Book Form, San Francisco Ctr for the Book, CA, 1998

      1st Columbia Biennal Exhibition of the Book, Columbia College, Chicago, IL

      WOMEN OF THE BOOK: Jewish Artists, Jewish Themes (traveling), 1997-2000

      Photographic Book Art in the U. S.(traveling USA), 1992-95

      Off the Shelf/On Line, Minn.Ctr (traveling NEA) (cat. pub.), 1992-1993

      Book Arts, USA; U.S. Information Agency (traveling) (cat. pub.), 1992-90

      Anchorage Museum of Art, Anchorage, Alaska (cat. pub.), 1991-1990 

      National Museum of Women, Washington DC, 1990

      National Library, Madrid, Spain (cat. pub.), 1982





      Museum of Contemporary Art, Northern Miami, Florida, 2005

      San Francisco Museum of Modern Art , Artist's Gallerry, 2005

      Women Artists of the USA, Sao Paulo, Brasil (cat. pub.), 1980

      Painting & Sculpture Now, Indianapolis Museum of Art ,Indiana, 1980

      Art Scene, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA, 1973

      100 American Drawings, University of Michigan ( Ann Arbor, MI 1965

      Annual Exhibitions, San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, CA 1964-50





      Fron Technological to Virtual Art by Frank Popper, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massashusetts, 2006

      ART et BIOTECHNOLOGIES by Louise Poussant and Ernestine Daubner, Presses de l'Universitie du Quebec, 2005

      Edition Shimizu website, Shimizu Japan, 2005

      CARCAL DE ARMOR, Remedios Zafra, Museo Nacional, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia 2005

      SAN FRANCISCO AND THE SECOND WAVE, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California 2005

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      HIGH PERFORMANCE, #22, 1983

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      LAICA #31, 1981

      EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING, Robert Kaupelis, Watson-Guptil, NY, NY 1980





      Festival of Independent Audio/Visual Arts on Line, 1995

      Finalist, Voyager Competition 1995

      California Art Council grant for ACEN Telecommunication Project, 1988 

      Eyes and Ears Foundation(1985); San Jose State Univ. Foundation, 1979 

      City of Hayward Hall of Justice, 1976

      San Francisco Art Commission Purchase Award, 1967

      Richmond Art Center 1966, 1959

      San Francisco Women Artist Awards 1965, 1963, 1961, 1958



WEB TITLES published by LanMinds at


      Kabbalah/Kabul: Sending Emanations to the Aliens, 2004-5

      Redeeming the Gene, Molding the Golem, Folding the Protein, 2001

      Make Me A Jewish Man: An Alternative Masculinity, 1999

      Digital Mudra, 1998

      Arbor Erecta, 1998

      Make Me A Man, 1997

      Objective Connections, 1996

      Brutal Myths, 1996

      Smell Your Destiny, 1995

      The Transgenic Bagel, 1994-95