There are no official statistics on bus plunge deaths and injuries; they happen too frequently, and almost always in places so underveloped and far flung that those of us lucky enough to fly or take subways never hear about them. Some, however, are so weird that they bear special mention.
    As well, they fall into broad, if somewhat bizzare, categories.

Pick one, won't you?

Bridgus Slipperius
On a dark, stormy night, your faithful bus driver sails toward a dimly lit, ill-kept, pre-war era bridge. He slows down, right?
Curvus Skiddus
A basic fact of physics: A person can either slow down or speed up to help them hold road during a turn. What do these drivers choose?
Ferryboat Sinkus
Two modes of transport, one horrible tragedy.
You'd think the Norwegians would do something about it.
Pilgrimus Morticus
They're pious. They're reverent. They're doomed.
Icy body parts from saints, as well.

Driver Inebrious
As if these guys need another reason not to negotiate hairpin turns.
Driver Narcoleptus
Snotty comment unnecessary.
Dopplerus Radarus
Rain, sleet, thawing ice, frogs.
Pernicious forces of nature at work.
Goodyear Retreadus
You know those shards of black rubber you seen strewn over the interstate? Imagine them at the shoulder of a 600-foot cliff.
Plainus Vanillus
Ordinary, but deadly.

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