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Amy's Forever Knight "Stuff" List
The Places and Things of the FK Universe

Compiled by Amy R.
Last Modified November 1, 2007   (Original August 6, 2006)

 Compilation and expansion continue. 





Key Episode


Airlines WAWestways 3 302 "Black Buddha, Part 2" Airline counter where Vachon caught up with Vudu
Apartments Ferry Apartments 1 110 "Dead Air" Murderer stays in Apt. 9
  Pink Towers 3 303 "Outside the Lines" Establishment where prostitutes Anne Kypreos (unit 1605) and Lisa Fisher (unit 405) work
Archaeological Sites Altun Kinal 1 101 "Dark Knight" Archaeological dig in Guatemala in nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  Temple of Kahn 3 301 "Black Buddha, Part 1" Where the Black Buddha statue comes from
Awards Borchiver Award 2 211 "Can't Run, Can't Hide" Award for outstanding service to disadvantaged youth (plaque)
  Detective's League Championship 2 218 "The Fix" Bowling league championship won by Schanke's team (trophy cup)
  Partners of the Month 2 215 "Partners of the Month" Precinct award for teamwork (plaque)
Blood Types AB- 3 309 "Let No Man Tear Asunder" Natalie's blood type
  A+ 3 309 "Let No Man Tear Asunder" Sonny Vetter's blood type
Books Abarat 1 121 "1966" Legendary book of miracles; believed to contain cures for curses including vampirism; uncovered in Afghanistan dig in early 20th century
  The Complete Vampire Guide 2 222 "Close Call" Library book checked out by Schanke
  The Denied 2 203 "Stranger Than Fiction" Last "Vampire Sagas" novel by Emily Weiss
  Exorcism and the Modern World 3 311 "Sons of Belial" By Dr. K.A. Gray
  Killing Mind 3 319 "Jane Doe"  
  Legends of the Undead 2 222 "Close Call" By Justin Craig; Library book checked out by Schanke
  Lust for Lease 2 206 "Capital Offense" Novel read by Sgt. Lillian
  One Hundred Years of Combat Photography 1 117 "Unreality TV" Gift from Nick to Tawny Teller; includes photographs by Sullivan
  The Road from Despair 2 213 "Crazy Love" Book by psychiatrist Dr. Shawna Welsh
  Vampires A to Z 2 222 "Close Call" Library book checked out by Schanke
  The Vampire Mafia: A Worldwide Conspiracy 2 222 "Close Call" Library book checked out by Schanke
  Wanted: Undead or Alive 2 222 "Close Call" Library book checked out by Schanke
Charities De Brabant Foundation 2 226 "Blood Money" Distributor of charity from Nick's ill-gotten personal fortune; administered by Maison DuChamps advisors

Human Touch Foundation

1 106 "Dying to Know You" Distributor of humanitarian aid
  Luminology 2 208 "Faithful Followers" Cult-like group with charismatic leader counsels the depressed and despairing
  Twelve Steps to Recovery 1 118 "Feeding the Beast" Support organization (resembles Alcoholics Anonymous)
Churches Old Bergen Church 1 121 "1966" Destroyed during WWII; catacombs underneath

St. John

1, 3 103 "For I Have Sinned"
315 "The Games Vampires Play"
Catholic church (possibly two different churches of the same name)
  St. Jovite 2 206 "Capital Offense" Abby where Marise is a novitiate

Jilly's Exotic Dancing

1 105 "Dance by the Light of the Moon" Strip club; where Ann Foley performs
  MaxDance 2 220 "Beyond the Law" Nightclub where Damir Petrashenko picked up victims
  Paparazzi 2 226 "Blood Money" Nightclub owned by Jules Walken; offers gambling


1, 2, 3 111 "Hunters" Nightclub owned by Janette DuCharme; "caters to the occasional fetishist"
  Spa Experience 1 119 "If Looks Could Kill" Health club; were Bernice Applebaum teaches aerobics; where Sofia Jurgen practices
Companies Alphonse's 1 106 "Dying to Know You" High-end shoe store
  Arnie's Adult Book World 1 116 "Only the Lonely" Suspect apprehended outside
  Baldwin Textiles 2 205 "Forward into the Past" Shop below Madame Natasha's
  Barrington Stanton Industries 2 205 "Forward into the Past" Global company, run by Jeremy Stanton, controlled by Katherine Barrington
  Blackburn Agency 3 308 "Trophy Girl" Escort service in Vancouver
  Black Sheep Records 1 115 "Dying for Fame" Music production company; owns Rebecca's work

Classy Intimates

1 122 "Love You to Death" Lingerie company (resembles Victoria's Secret)
  Co-Op Cabs 2 221 "The Queen of Harps" Taxi company
  Harmon Books 2 203 "Stranger Than Fiction" Publishers of Emily Weiss's novels
  HMS Medical 2 224 "The Code" Arizona-based manufacturer of contaminated Marrowcomp; perpetrator of cover-up including deadly contamination of Provotrex
  Humber Nurseries 1 116 "Only the Lonely" Where Roger Jamison worked
  Loose Lips 1 103 "For I Have Sinned" Phone sex service
  Lucky Printing 1 108 "Cherry Blossoms" Below Dr. Chung's shop
  Madame Natasha's Psychic Readings 2 205 "Forward into the Past" Psychic readings by Madame Natasha and her student Ava Franklin
  McCallum Neurological Institute 2 212 "Near Death" Scientific research institute
  Maison DuChamps 2 "Blood Money" Financial services company, three centuries family-owned; manages DeBrabant trust

Majorca Modeling Agency

1 122 "Love You to Death" Modeling agency that employs Stephanie Donovan and Lucy Preston
  Queen's Quay Mill 2 204 "Bad Blood" Soybean processing plant, closed for at least five years
  Palomar Agency 3 308 "Trophy Girl" Escort service
  Point Pelee Estates 3 304 "Blackwing" Brand name stamped on wine crate
  Robinson Developers 3 304 "Blackwing" Development company planning world's largest shopping mall
  Rothweiler Industries 1 114 "Spin Doctor" Unproven influence-peddling scandal
  Sedrick Brokerages Estate Division 3 308 "Trophy Girl" Company run by serial killer
  Signer Jewelry 2 205 "Forward into the Past" Shop under Madame Natasha's
  Singular Interests Introduction Service 1 116 "Only the Lonely" Dating service

Skin Pretty

1 107 "False Witness" Cosmetics company (resembles Avon or Mary Kay); Myra has been regional salesperson of the year twice
  Star Search Talent Agency 1 117 "Unreality TV" Talent agency, briefly has Schanke as client
  Taos Pharmaceutical 2 224 "The Code" Manufactures Provatrex
  Viastar Oil 1 105 "Dance by the Light of the Moon" Multinational energy corporation
  XXXPlicit Adult Videos 1 112 "Dead Issue" Store owned by Morgan Delitsky
Cosmetics Ozone Shield 1 107 "False Witness" Skin Pretty sunblock, claims 100% UV-blockage, coconut-peach scent
  Provocateur 1 105 "Dance by the Light of the Moon" Perfume


1 104 "Last Act" Erica's doll (also seen in Nick's nightmare of the Titanic in BB1)
Events Hapsburg Festival 1 105 "Dance by the Light of the Moon" Where Stonetree won accordion prize in 1988
Fictional Characters Christian 2 203" Stranger Than Fiction" Hero of "Vampire Sagas" series by Emily Weiss
  Gaston 2 203 "Stranger Than Fiction" Husband of Sophie in "Vampire Sagas" series by Emily Weiss
  Janey Jinx 1 113 "Father Figure" Comic-book superheroine
  LaSalle 2 203" Stranger Than Fiction" Villain of "Vampire Sagas" series by Emily Weiss
  O'Grady 2 217 "Amateur Night" Cameo Schanke played in Alix Logan movie
  Sophie 2 203" Stranger Than Fiction" Heroine of "Vampire Sagas" series by Emily Weiss
Hospitals Benitez Clinic 3 309 "Let No Man Tear Asunder" Black market-linked transplant clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  Glenn Cross ER 2 224 "The Code" Urban ER where Megan Farr was brought and where Dianna Linsmann interned
  King's Mills Psychiatric Hospital 1 110 "Dead Air" Psychiatric hospital
  Laurier Mental Health Clinic 2 213 "Crazy Love" Clinic that employed Dr. Shawna Welsh, from which Peter Barolw escaped

Mercy Hospital

1 104 "Last Act" Where Marilyn works and is murdered; also in UTV
  Scarborough Grace 3 308 "Trophy Girl" Where Deena Ellis had surgery
  St. Joe's 2 212 "Near Death" Where Schanke promises to take Nick for evaluation
  Toronto Central Hospital and Marrow Corporation 2 224 "The Code" Unknowingly used mercury-contaminated HMS Medical Marrowcomp
Hotels Dolph Inn 2 223 "Be My Valentine" Honolulu hotel where the Schankes stay
  Hotel Perceval Convention Center 1 114 "Spin Doctor" Hosted election activities
  Hotel Selby 2 206 "Capital Offense" Where Carruthers stayed in Toronto
  Rainbow Motel 1 117 "Unreality TV" Drive-in one-story motel
  Royal Astor Hotel 1 115 "Dying for Fame" Upscale luxury hotel where Rebecca stayed
  Salisbury Club 2 221 "The Queen of Harps" Upscale hotel where Hugh DeLabarre stayed
  Somaton Arms Hotel 2 226 "Blood Money" Where Pullchuck stayed
  Victory Hotel 2 202 "A Fate Worse Than Death" Where Celeste holed up
  Windsor Arms Motel 1 118 "Feeding the Beast" Low-end motel where Monica Howard gave massages

Harris Scrap & Junkyard

1 120 "Fatal Mistake" Sign says "American Auto Wreckers"
Libraries Toronto University Library 2 223 "Be My Valentine" Where serial-murderer Stan worked
  State Archive No. 7 1 121 "1966" East Berlin state archive; contains the Abarat


3 305 "Blind Faith" Bus route Jody Fraser took


1 121 "1966" Stonetree's precinct
  35H MV6 1 113 "Father Figure" Nick's caddy's license plate
  81 Kilo 1 110 "Dead Air" Unit code for Nick's caddy
  92.3 1 110 "Dead Air" CTOK radio station


2, 3 201 "Killer Instinct" Cohen's precinct; later, Reese's precinct
  101 Gateway Lane 1 110 "Dark Knight, the Second Chapter" Nick's home address
  112 1 106 "Dying to Know You" Denise Ford's apartment
  123 OSA 3 308 "Trophy Girl" Tracy's car's license plate
  172 2 221 "The Queen of Harps" Auction item number on harp
  208 1 116 "Only the Lonely" Natalie's apartment number
  490 1 102 "Dark Knight, the Second Chapter" CERK radio station
  6748 2 225 "A More Permanent Hell" Asteroid predicted to collide with Earth
  16596 1 111 "Hunters" Nick's badge number
  555-52269 3 306 "My Boyfriend is a Vampire" Natalie's emergency number
  555-8860 2 209 "Undue Process" Natalie's pager service
Parks Allan Gardens 3 305 "Blind Faith" Where assault occurred
  Blair Park 2 204 "Bad Blood" Where football player is murdered

Harbor Park

1 104 "Last Act" Where Erica suicides
  Hyde Park 1 109 "I Will Repay" Body located nearby

Toronto Island Park

1 122 "Love You to Death" Where murder victim is posed
Periodicals Janey Jinx 1 113 "Father Figure" Superhero comic book ("trouble follows Janey like a grim shadow")

Kitten Club

1 122 "Love You to Death" Men's magazine; possibly resembles Playboy; possibly related to Kitten Channel
  Metropolitan Examiner 3 304 "Blackwing" Newspaper; also in 308 "Trophy Girl"
  National Intruder 1 114 "Spin Doctor" Resembles "National Inquirer" crossed with "Weekly World News"
  Police Gazette 3 303 "Outside the Lines" Newspaper
  Police Special 1 111 "Hunters" Weekly newspaper
  Wealth Magazine 2 205 "Forward into the Past" Magazine that profiled Jeremy Stanton
Pharmaceuticals Dyna-Thin Capsules 1 119 "If Looks Could Kill" Appetite-suppressant, comes in chocolate flavor
  Lydoveuterine B 2 218 "The Fix" Rejected experimental synthetic hormone; cytotoxic to mammals; mimics endorphins; suppresses vampirism; highly addictive to vampires
  Marrowcomp 2 224 "The Code" Prescription reconstructive-surgery medicine manufactured by HMS Medical; contaminated batch led to fatal conspiracy cover-up
  Provatrex 2 224 "The Code" Over-the-counter medicine manufactured by Toas Pharmaceutical; recalled for mercury contamination due to fraud by HMS Medical 

The Last Act

1 104 "Last Act" Erica's last play
Public Buildings Ceilidh Art Centre 2 205 "Forward into the Past" Where dance is held
  Civic Center 3 316 "The Human Factor" Where Janette's evidence was concealed

Coroner's Building

1, 2, 3 201 "Killer Instinct" Where Natalie works
  Harris Generating Station 2 207 "Hunted" Where the hunter confronts Nick; described as "old" station
  Memory Lane 1 111 "Hunters" Police Academy obstacle course

27th Precinct

1 121 "1966" Stonetree's precinct

96th Precinct

2, 3 201 "Killer Instinct" Cohen's precinct; later, Reese's precinct
  Castle Frank 3 301 "Black Buddha, Part 1" Reese's precinct, before moving to the 96th
Prisons Millhaven Prison 2 226 "Blood Money" Prison
  Millville Medium Security Prison 1 109 "I Will Repay" Prison
  Oakridge 3 308 "Trophy Girl" Prison where Christopher Scheer is held (Reese refers to it as an "insane asylum")
Radio CERK 490 1, 2, 3 210 "Father's Day" Radio station that broadcasts "Nightwatch with the Nightcrawler"
  CTOK 92.3 1 110 "Dead Air" Radio station that broadcasts "Christina Noble Show" and "Kinky Talk"
Restaurants Artie's 2 224 "If Looks Could Kill" Specializes in souvlaki, "garlic special"
  Azure 2 223 "Be My Valentine" Upscale fine dining
  Buckstar's 2 201 "Killer Instinct" Coffee shop
  Cherry Street Restaurant 2 213 "Crazy Love" Diner where Peter Barlow murdered Erin Devon
  Hog Heaven Bar 2 207 "Hunted" Biker joint; in Parkdale and North York
  Machelio's 2 218 "The Fix" Italian restaurant owned by Jimmy Vinetti
  Pizza Palace 1 116 "Only the Lonely" Eddie suggests Natalie should have spent her birthday there
  Trattoria Roma 2 215 "Partners of the Month" Italian restaurant where Don takes Myra
Songs "Fan Kill" 1 115 "Dying for Fame" Controversial rock song by Rebecca
  "I Love Pierogis Polka" 1 102 "Dark Knight, the Second Chapter" Polka on radio broadcast
  "Dark Side of the Glass" 1 115 "Dying for Fame" Rock ballad by Rebecca
Sports Bridgeport Tennis Courts 1 116 "Only the Lonely" Victim found nearby
Television Cop Watch 1 117 "Unreality TV" Television show hosted by Tawny Teller (resembles "Cops")
  C7 3 301 "Black Buddha, Part 1" Station airing news of bomber Dollard's apprehension, and of "Baby Doe"'s father
  CEEC 1 106 "Dying to Know You" Station whose reporters interviewed Schanke
  CTAG 2 225 "A More Permanent Hell" Station airing news of asteroid scare
  CQRY 2 225 "A More Permanent Hell" Station airing news of asteroid scare
  CWB 1 117 "Unreality TV" Network that produces "Cop Watch"
  Foxy Boxing 1 111 "Hunters" Program that airs on Kitten Channel
  The Jerry Show 3 306 "My Boyfriend is a Vampire" Talk show
  Kitten Channel 1 111 "Hunters" Channel that airs "Foxy Boxing Semifinals," possibly related to Kitten Club magazine

Factory Theater

1 104 "Last Act" Where "The Last Act" is performed
Websites Crimeline Network 2 209 "Undue Process" Criminal justice system Internet resources
  Provincial Penal Internet 2 209 "Undue Process" Sub-resource of Crimeline Network

Forever Knight was created by James Parriot and Barney Cohen and is owned by the Sony CorporationNo infringement is intended by this listPlease do not archive, post or otherwise distribute this piece; instead, please feel free to link to it here on my site.  If you have any comments or corrections, please post a note on my LiveJournal.

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