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Natalie and Tracy

Clearing the Air
written for the "Because We're Awesome" drabble-a-thon

May 2008
Last modified May 18, 2008

by Amy R.

PG.  Please see the endnote for disclaimers, credits, and all that good stuff.  This fanfiction is a tribute to the television series Forever Knight.


        "I'm sorry."  Tracy deposited a peace offering of coffee and croissants on Natalie's desk.  "Outside the Jerry Show studio yesterday, I crossed a line."

        Natalie shrugged.  "You were just putting in a good word for your partner."

        "Not 'just.'"  Tracy folded her arms.  "Look -- do you blame me for Detective Schanke and Captain Cohen's deaths?"

        "What kind of question is that?"

        The rookie detective swallowed hard before baring her battered ego.  "You tolerate me with an effort.  If it's their loss, I understand.  If it's something else, I'd really like to know what."

        Eventually, Natalie nodded.  "We should talk."




  • Disclaimers

    • Mr. Parriot and Mr. Cohen created Forever Knight.  The Sony Corporation owns it.  I intend no infringement.  Please support all authorized Forever Knight endeavors!  (The series is now available for purchased download, one episode at a time, on Amazon Unbox.)

    • Characters and situations in this fantasy fan story are entirely fictional.  Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.  (Vampires don't exist.  Awkward confrontations with coworkers do, though.)

  • Citations

    • A "drabble" is a story of precisely one-hundred words, no more, no fewer.  (At least, it was back when I first learned the term on forkni-l.  Today, many use "drabble" as the overarching classification term for all drabbles, vignettes and ficlets -- any very short story.)  This is the first drabble I've tried; cutting down the rough draft was a learning experience!

    • This piece is set during "My Boyfriend is a Vampire," of course.  The croissants are from "Amateur Night" -- Tracy may have asked Nick what Natalie likes -- and the coffee is a general Tracy reference (cf. "Black Buddha, Part Two").  Schanke and Cohen, of course, die in "The Black Buddha, Part One."

    • Tension between Natalie and Tracy appears in many episodes early in third season.  One of the most-cited examples is "Outside the Lines," in which Natalie demonstrates the murderer's move on Tracy in what many find a chilling manner.  Another example is the MBIAV scene referenced here, in which they talk, but fail to connect.

  • Credits

    • I wrote this for a comment-fic fest on LiveJournal, to the prompt "Natalie & Tracy : Talk."  (I'm sorry I don't know whom to credit for the prompt; the fest's consolidation made them anonymous.)  The fest's theme was "About the Girls (Because We're Awesome)," and I think that Tracy is being "awesome" here by bravely taking a risk to put things on a better footing.

    • Many thanks to Roxana, who supplied a quick beta-read on the last day entries could be posted.  Errors, of course, are all my own!

    • I wrote "Clearing the Air" as the last week of April moved into the first days of May in 2008.  I posted it to the comment-fic fest on May 3, and to fkfic-l on May 18, and archived it here that night.  Please do not archive, post or distribute this story.  You're welcome to link to it here, on my FK fansite.

    • Thank you for reading!  Your comments and constructive criticism would be valued, if you chose to share them.  Please email me or comment on my LiveJournal or Dreamwidth.  Again, thanks for reading!

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