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Party Favors 2010

May 2010
Last modified June 11, 2010

by Amy R.

Assorted  Please see the endnote for disclaimers.  This fanfiction is a tribute to the television series Forever Knight.

These are my contributions to the drabble (100 words) "door prizes" for the May 2010 FKFicFest game (full slate). Related: Party Favors 2011.

~ ~ ~

"The Hard Way"  (G)

Nick stood in sunlight, willing a curtain to twitch, a door to open, his joy to pull her to him.  But of course Janette could no longer sense him, and he knew better than to wake a sleeping vampire.  He wanted to keep his new-won humanity.  So it was evening when he faced her.

"Seeking another lab rat?"


"Then why aren't you celebrating with your doctor friend?" Janette sounded resigned.

Nick kissed her cold hand and held it over his warm heart.  "Because you're the one I want."

"Oh, Nicolas."  She closed her eyes.  "You never make anything easy."

For: Twilight2000
Prompt: Nick/Natalie and Nick/Janette as a triangle, Nick having to make choices. A new day.

~ ~ ~

"Conditional Love"  (G)

"Why would anyone choose to be a parent?" the Nightcrawler crooned.  "Especially in this age of fractured families and affronted authority.  490 CERK: you're on the air."

"I wanted someone to carry on after me."

"Very good, gentle listener.  Seize immortality by any means!  But what if you could live forever?  Would motivation for parenthood remain?  Next caller."

"Love, of course, unconditional love—"

"Wrong," the Nightcrawler lingered over the vowel.  "Religions expend vast efforts commanding children to love parents, but little the other direction.  Do you imagine, therefore, that parental love is necessarily unconditional?  Then you are fools indeed."

For: Merfilly
Prompt: Lacroix and his "children." Paterfamilias through the ages.

~ ~ ~

"Full House"  (G)

"Tracy's at the church," Vachon said, as if that justified arriving at Nick's at sunrise with Screed, two strangers and a carton of bottles.

Nick had expected to spend his weekend quietly defending his leather furniture from Sidney's claws (Natalie claimed that catsitting was good for him, despite his cactus's fate).  Instead, Nick found himself pinned between the wide eyes of the furry fanged monster licking his paws on Nick's piano keyboard, and those of the one counting out poker chips on Nick's dining table.  When he'd said Tracy was Vachon's responsibility, he hadn't meant…

Nick sighed.  "Deal me in."

For: Waltd
Prompt: Nick & Vachon. Poker night at Nick's loft.

~ ~ ~

"Old Scars"  (PG)

"If you won't let me perform even an ordinary physical—"

Frowning, Nick slowly removed his blazer, rolled up his sleeve for the blood-pressure cuff, and unbuttoned his shirt for Doctor Lambert's stethoscope.  He ignored her grin.  He couldn't ignore her gasp when her fingers discovered the irregular, raised lump under his arm where a saif had thrust through his battered mail at Sharimshah.

Nick knew when she realized what it was; her touch and gaze changed from curious to caring.  She dropped her hand.  "Do you want to talk about it?"

He wanted so much more than he should.

For: Nikfix1228
Prompt: Nick/Natalie. Pre-DK. Natalie sees the scars from Nick's time in the Crusades.

~ ~ ~

"Mnemonic"  (PG)  

 Nick hadn't been seeking companionship, Natalie knew.  The "convert," as Nick called her, had needed help.  Nick had provided it.  But as he supported his new friend in her adjustment to vampirism, Natalie began seeing a tender expression that she suddenly remembered had once been turned on her.

Natalie was leaning against Nick's piano when he came home.  "I remembered Valentine's Day."  She slapped him with all the fury buried under the whammy.  Then she kissed him with all the desire pent up since realizing she wanted more than the puzzle.  "Don't settle for her.  Don't give up on us."

For: Foxy11814
Prompt: Nick/Natalie. A fledgling female vampire shows up in Toronto and reminds Nick how fun life can be. Natalie gets jealous!

~ ~ ~

"If You Love, Let Go"  (PG-13)

Meeting the two men had shocked Erica no less than Fleur.  Erica thanked heaven that sh had made none of the mistakes with her Fleur that Lacroix had made with his Nicholas — that her heart had told her when to let go and when to hold on.

Now was a time to hold on.

"Stay with me."  Erica pulled Fleur's hands away from her nearly-fastened bodice and unlaced it again, caressing and convincing.  Fleur sighed.  Erica whispered against Fleur's throat, "Not just until dusk.  Tomorrow and tomorrows."

Fleur arched her neck, pulling Erica closer.  "I'm not going anywhere this time."

For: Havocthecat
Prompt: Erica/Fleur. Erica brought Fleur across and they began a relationship with each other.

~ ~ ~

"Just Desserts"  (G)

Vachon plodded along the road, his thumb out.  He would've flown, but his eyes were swollen from the garlic soup Tracy had thrown in his face.  And he would've ridden, but even if he could see, Urs had taken his bike, Tracy up behind her in the spare helmet.  How a little dinner theater had ended with the two blondes in indignant harmony was beyond him.

Finally, a car stopped.  "Trouble, sir?  Hitchhiking isn't the best choice.  May I see your license?"

The little camera on the patrol car's dashboard ensured that Vachon had to take it like a human.

For: Natmerc
Prompt: Urs/Vachon, Tracy/Vachon. That two-timing cad deserves everything he gets.




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