"Bokalanfini" by Yvonne Brown.
Collagraph is a word that comes from the French word "collage." In collagraphy, the artist pastes cut pieces of paper or attaches object to a plate (matrix) made from mat board, masonite, or similar substance. The plate is then covered with a protective coat of shellac or acrylic medium. The plate should be very shallow, with small gradations in height: about the height of a cut piece of paper, but no higher than a penny. Then the plate is inked in the style of intaglio: ink is pushed into the crevices and the surface is wiped clean..

In these examples of collagraphs by Oakland artist Yvonne Brown, cut pieces of paper are used. The print is then hand-colored using watercolor.

Ramadan"Ramadan" by Yvonne Brown

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