Aircraft Aluminum Sources

The standards are Airparts, Spruce, Wicks, with Dillsburg the dark horse.


BUT, maybe you should buy locally.Extrusions and sheet stock over .032 canít be rolled, it has to be crated, and shipping will be a major part of the expense.


Here are some local sources, used by homebuilder like you.Culled from newsgroups, and my own experience.

Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks to all for your help in finding aluminum in the Atlanta area. I have found a great source just north west of Atlanta that is about 25% less then Spruce & Specialty. Tina is really nice to work with. Call or fax her for prices as it depends on quantity. Tell her I said call, I need the points. LOL...Tom Hagan

Transtar Metals
4175 Royal Dr
Kennisaw Ga 30144
Tina Fountaine 770-499-1112
Fax 770-499-1134

North Carolina

<Try> Gulfstream in Hampstead, NC. If your order is at least $1250, they will ship direct from the mill in NY to you. My .025 was Kaiser and was
$59/sheet. Think that works out to less than $3/lb. Packaging was outstanding. Phone 910 270-3278, fax 910 270-3279.

Note: thatís a lot of aluminum, more than most plans built small planes, but I suspect that the drop ship option is available from many other vendors.


Dillsburg Aeroplane is better known for steel tubing, but they also have aluminum sheet.No web page, but Iíve seen their price list posted on the web somewhere.

The Dillsburg Aeroplane Works

Charles T. Vogelsong

114 Sawmill Road, Dillsburg, Pa 17019

Tel: 717/384-5865 Fax: 717/432-4589

Send 3 first class stamps for the price list.


Various Places

I don't recall seeing this mentioned on RAH before, but I just had a very
nice experience buying some aluminum angle.
I'm in the process of switching my plane to an Odyssey drycell battery
(thanks, Jerry!) and have to build a new battery box.I needed some
aluminum angle for the interface to the cockpit floor.I'd gone to Boeing
Surplus on Friday and gotten totally skunked...there was hardly a bit of
scrap metal to the place.
I was debating the usual Aircraft Spruce or Wick's order, but hated to
think of the shipping delay.I decided to check the local yellow pages
under "Aluminum," and came up with a company called Metal Supermarkets.
Not only did they have it in stock, but it turned out one of the three
stores in the Seattle area was just a five-minute drive from work.The
price was only a bit higher than Spruce, and, of course, I picked it up
immediately.Unlike most of the local metal stores, they have no minimum
order size...and they'll cut off just what you need at no extra charge.
Their web page is:
...if you want to check out whether they have a store near you.Their
selection isn't as wide (they only had 6061 and 6063 angle, no 2024), but
the one I was at did stock stuff like 2024 sheet and 304 stainless steel.
No connection, other than being happy I found what I needed and can butcher
it tonight... :-)
Ron Wanttaja

California, Oakland and Vallejo

Alco Iron and Metal very occasionally has suitable sheet, and they always stock extrusions at good prices.


California, LA area

In Los Angeles, the equivalent is Industrial Metal Supply, locations at least in Irvine and Burbank.They're on the web.No 2024.
Even better, Max Industries in Gardena, and Burbank Metal Supplies (right next to the IMS in Burbank).Genuine surplus, about $2.50/lb.
All grades, all shapes on a random basis.



<anonymous> will be buying my 6061-T6 from a company called Alreco:

Alreco (aluminum surplus supply)
11299 Brighton Road
Henderson, CO 80640

They mainly deal in used metals, but sell new (stamped) aluminum as well...
I got a quote of $45 a sheet for 4'x12' 6061-T6 .024...

Another plug:

Bob has the most complete and varied stock of aluminum I have 
ever seen. He has both new and recycled. Name the alloy and the shape an 
Bob will likely have it. He doesn't mind small orders or cut-to-order. He 
is glad to ship anywhere. His prices are quite good too.
†††††††† Keep in mind that new is more expensive than recycled and that 
each cut costs you. Sometimes it is less expensive to buy twice as much to 
avoid the cut charge, especially if you are buying recycled. If you are not 
sure of the alloy you need, tell Bob what you plan to do and he will help 
you pick out the alloy. If you are anywhere near by, it is worth the trip 
just to see the place and to meet Bob.



I've heard equally good things about Future Metals Inc in Ft Lauderdale FL
from one of our chapter members.
There are probably good vendors near most of us, but the cost is prohibitive
for most of them to advertise to the whole world.

Future Metals Inc
10401 State St
Tamarac, FL†† Phone: (954) 739-5350


Mandel Metals Ė Iíve never dealt with them, and I did not find any unsolicited praise, but they do list surplus