Crankshaft End Piece For Flywheel End Prop Mount

Veeduber has described the use and making of such pieces, I thought y'all would like to look at one. I had Steve Bennet of Great Plains make this one for me. It differs a little bit from Veedubers drawing, in that it was chewed from plate, and Steves shop made a clean, shouldered recess for the prop extension to spigot into. Dan Diehl will be happy to chew a similar piece for you out of a flywheel, for a little less money, but you will lose the ability to spigot the prop extension into the end piece. Either Dan or Steve will also build you a prop extension; I'm buying mine from Saber.

This is the side the prop extension will mount to:

And this is the side that faces the #1 bearing.

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