A Conversation with Scott McGuire

From: Ryan Young < >
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 16:25:05 -0700
To: Scott McGuire <>
Subject: Re: new low price all metal single seater

I applaud your efforts, I've often thought the Quail was a design worth reviving.

I'll add your efforts to my VW Powered Homebuilts Rant.

I'm a little concerned about your empty weight, and it's effect on performance. You're about 200 pounds heavier than a well built Teenie. Some of that can be alleviated with more wing, but you don't list a wingspan, chord, or area, so there is no way to gauge if your stall speed has any credence. A teenie stalls - as well you know - a lot faster than you're claiming, with a 18 ft wing, a 40 inch chord, and less weight. The maximum coefficient of lift for a Clark Y is not a whole lot higher than that for Teenie airfoil (I forget what exact section it is, but it's a 15% 4000 series section). The only way you'll make those stall numbers is with a substantial span increase over the Teenie.

More detail is needed to give your labor of love a fair evaluation.

Good luck building, and flying, and should your numbers prove out, I'll be the first to sing your praises. The configuration you've chosen is one I like a lot, and have thought about designing my own airplane around.


Ryan R Young
Oakland, CA
> From: Scott McGuire <>
> Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 14:12:52 -0700
> To: Ryan Young <ryoung@lmi.net>
> Subject: new low price all metal single seater
> Saw your email on the Teenie Two website http://www.lrcweb.com/t2/ and
> wanted to tell you about my new all metal single seater.  You can see all
> the details on my website http://users.ev1.net/~stol/gunasekera-12.htm
> It's a high wing full cantilever (no external wing bracing) design based on
> the AeroSport Quail.  I'm building my prototype now and want to stir up as
> much interest in it as possible.
> Engine out glide performance will be similar to a Cessna 150.  When I went
> to sell my Teenie Two several years ago most people who called were
> interested in an all metal single seat plane which was easy to get into and
> out of and had Taylorcraft performance.  I'll be selling plans (with
> construction video showing every rivet and bolt installed) and kits with
> all holes predrilled.  I hope to have the kits selling for around $2,500.
> http://users.ev1.net/~stol/gunasekera-12.htm
> Thanks, Scott


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