Books From Other Subcultures For Homebuilders

I've gotten a lot of useful information and good design ideas out of some books aimed at OTHER groups of raving lunatics, I.E. race car builders, and small boat builders. Here is an annotated bibliography of the texts I've found most useful from these fellow travelers:

  • Smith, Carroll, "Prepare to Win", 1975, Motorsports Books International, Osceola, WI. Racecar preparation, with an excellent discussion of fasteners.
  • "Scientific Design of Exhaust and Intake Systems", 197", Robert Bentley. Just about the only book on the subject, it's regrettably dated (the research dates back to the 1930's, and most of the writing from the 1950's), and poorly organized. A better book on this subject is needed, particularly in light of modern advances in acoustic theory.
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