Sonerai Pictures

Other People's Airplanes

Prototype S-I

Big image of Sonerai IThumbnail of Sonerai I

Cribbed from Sport Aviation.

Thumbnail of Red II

Cowling on a slightly cobby C-75 powered example at Camarillo

C-85 eng'd IIL at Camarillo

Propeller Head Ed Sterba's plane, with son..

More shots cribbed from Sport Aviation or Monnet Brochures:

Prototype S-II and IIL in formation.

Same same S-IIL prototype, converted to tri-gear.Prototype IILT - converted from IIL

S-II (midwing) cutaway view from the plans.

Perspective Cutaway Sonerai II

Sonerai spinners tend to crack around the cutouts, so reinforce yours before it happens to you. A reinforcing disk on the forward bulkhead is also good insurance, and you MUST use a forward bulkhead.Spinner Reinforcement

Don Shipley from Florida sent me these pictures of the mighty pretty IIL he recently bought:

A mini-Rv-3:

A project about 60% complete. The canopy frame is already fitted, that's why there are two tubes along the cross members and the longerons.

This is a low wing, the turtledeck is 2 inches higher than the prototype. The box behind the pilot's seat is for luggage and other light junk.

This exhaust is tuned to "1/2 Wave", egual length primaries, the aluminum tray directs cooling air along the sump, which has been extended a little for more capacity.

My (former) Project

Initial encounter with my projectEngine on donor plane at South Countypoor boy pickup w/engineEngine StandPlywood turtledeck


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