Kristin Doner
   Ceramic Artist

 Smaller Work

These smaller items, especially the incense burners, make affordable, well received gifts.

If you'd like to order any of these items, please contact me by calling 510/967-7592 or send an email. California sales tax will be added to all items shipped within California.

I'd be happy to send a digital image of the item before you purchase.

Zen Burners (tray, holder with incense,
dish with lid and pebbles) $55
Zen Dish $45 (with pebbles and incense $50)
Incense Stones $15 ($20 with incense)


Unearthed Bottles
Slab formed, Raku Fired
$245/set of 3


Teapots and Miniatures. Miniatures are available in five styles: Amphora (shown), Decanter, Cauldron, Basket, and Story Jar (for visual references for each style, please see Ongoing Work). Price varies: $125-$165.

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