In the garden of Herbal Evil

The wounded man plants the bitter root of
Title: Hemlock

Hemlock is almost like the stems of dragons

man planting Hemlock
title:obstructing generative force

Judith beheading Holoferness
Judith, an omen of evil, as it is not proper that the female kill the male

Hemlock grows in shadows near ditches

Hemlock germinates the Myth that
myth:woman thinks evil

neolithic Goddess of nurturing

Neolithic nurturing figurine

Hemlock 's stalks are full of joints, it has un unpleasant odor

poster stating gender mental health

Title: Mutilation Response to Myth

Hemlock taken inwardly causes death

scarred belly - lobotomy operation

Patient's abdomen after many years after the last of 12 or 18 operations

patient with belly scarswoman patient

"If the trouble is in the head there's no use operating on the belly"
Drs. W. Freeman & J. Watts, psychosurgeons.

Hemlock's antidote is hot wine before venon goes to heart

Title: Affected Function
Altered or repressed thinking
troubled woman

The malady of the 19th century of Female Lunacy and Hysteria slowly evolved in this century into Female Depression and their cures: Therapists and Prozac, Librium, Valium and Zanax

Hemlock keeps boy's and virgin parts from growing great

Current Mutilation
Woody vs Mia
He tells of threats from "Obsessed Mia"

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen
Woody accused Mia of being unstable:
When she discovered he was having an affair with her adopted daughter, he says she threatened to kill him, to stick his eyes out.
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