In the garden of Herbal Evil

The wounded man plants the bitter root of

Cleavers has largish claws that grasp and strangle

man planting cleavers
removes members of venereal act

Cleavers has sharp-edged leaves that fetcheth blood

Lot with daughters
Lot with his daughters
"Come let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him..."Genesis IX:32

Cleavers germinates the Myth that
myth:vagina eats up the penis

Cleavers has slender roots full of strings

obelisk-vulva fusion antler carving
Anthropomorphic figure enhances life power of the Goddess Creatrix

Title: Mutilation Response to Myth

vaginal pear torture
Vaginal pear torture, inflicted on women guilty of sexual union with Satan or his familiars.

Genital Mutilation is Torture

female circumcision graphic

The purpose of mutilation is to preserve a girl's virginity for marriage. The vaginal stitching up provides enhanced pleasure for men only. An uncircumsized woman is considered dirty, oversexed and unmarriageable.

poster: 6,000 mutilated each day

Cleavers leaves are applied to wounds to stave blood

Tools for implementing female genital mutilation

In a clitoridectomy, the "mildest" version is amputating the clitoris with a scissors, a razor blade, old rusty knives, or a broken bottle neck.

Another method is prickling the genitals with nettles until they are swollen enough to be charred. In the most severe case called infibulation, the clitoris and labias are sliced off. The raw edges are "stitched" together with thorns, and a thin piece of branch is inserted to keep a tiny hole open to allow passage of urine... The girl's legs are then tied for weeks in order to "heal" if she does not die of infection.

Female Genital Mutilation is the response to
the myths of castration and clitoris growth competing with the male member

poster: clitoridectomy cure for masterbation

Annie Sprinkle showing vagina

Sex therapist Annie Sprinkle demonstrating to an audience that "a cunt has no teeth" on stage at New York Avant Garde Theatre.
Photo: Leslie Barony. Courtesy Annie Sprinkle

Title: Affected Function
Sexual Pleasure and Sexual Autonomy
poster: deaths from genital mutilation

 circumsized model

Waris Dirie, model from Somalia, Marie Claire, March 1996

In parts of some Muslim African countries, young girls are literally tortured during the process of excision, their potential for sexual pleasure is destroyed and replaced by a future of pain, disease and misery.

Cleavers seeds juice with wine is a vipers remedy
current mutilation
poster: hysterectomy for sterilization
poster: mutilation now in US

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