In the garden of Herbal Evil

The wounded man plants the bitter root of

Henbane has wooly leaves; stalks, covered by white down
man planting henbane
title: changing men into beasts

To create the ungent:
Henbane boiled with oil, strained from its feces, heated with wax, turpentine and rosin


Henbane germinates the Myth of

myth: masochism and vanity

Henbane made into an ungent availeth against blotches
frog goddess of reneration

Neolithic frog-woman hybrid - symbol of regeneration

In order to be beautiful it is necessary to suffer statement: a man for Christmas

Cosmopolitan, Cover Title December 1995

Giraffe neck women in preparation

Women would do anything in order to be loved: "If suffering is beauty and beauty is love, women cannot be sure to ever be loved if they do not suffer."
The Beauty Myth, Naomi Wolf

The Giraffe Women
Giraffe woman

She complies cosmetically to men's everchanging standards of beauty, however ridiculous,whatever their origin. She has become a prized animal.

Henbane stupifies the sense and causes giddiness

Affected Function

She surrenders her individual character marks,
her physical independence
Silicon breasts and breast torture

Henbane annointed leaves assuage breast tumors and other secret parts.

current mutilation

poster: cosmetic surgery

Breasts Implants: If the Silicone Leaks...

Leaking silicone breasts
Leaked breasts and scars
Silicone "boosts" the body's immune response so that it virtually goes wacko and starts attacking itself, resulting in an awful array of disorders, terrible pains and illnesses, for which there is no remedy.

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