In the garden of Herbal Evil

The wounded man plants the bitter root of

Viper's Bugloss

Viper's Bugloss has rough and hairy leaves and a long root
man planting Viper's Bugloss
statement:destroy women's generative force
Viper's Bugloss' seed is like a small head of a snake or viper


Cleopatra - beauty and power

Viper's Bugloss germinates the Myth that
to be loved a woman must be beautiful

V. Bugloss drunk with wine causes milk increase in women's breasts

poster:anorexia and bulimics

Snake Goddess
Snake Goddess, symbol of life force; tri-stripes, of abundance

Mutilation Response to Myth
The War against Fat
poste: model requirements

The Corset
corseted shaped women

"Corseted" rib cages in Europe and Africa

V. Bugloss' growth temperature is cold and dry of complexion



Before and After liposuction

Affected Function

Breathing, Energy, Movement, Malnutrition
rib cages

Atrophy of lungs and internal organs.

red Bugloss' bottom leaves twine themseves like a scorpion's tail

fighting fat magazine cover
Women's magazines cover titles, sping 1996

Current Mutilation
Viper's Bugloss has a long root

Victim of Bulimia: Princess Diana

Princess Diana

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