In the garden of Herbal Evil

The wounded man plants the bitter root of

Birthwort roots are slender strings.

man planting birthwort
To Procure Abortion

after delivery it expells what is ever left in the matrix

woman on abortion device

Birthwort germinates the Myth that myth:Woman's purpose to be mother

from flowers grow small fruit-like pears with triangle blackish seeds.

neolithic dolls from girl's grave

Neolithic Stiff White Ladies: dolls from a girl's grave. White: symbol of death

Title: Mutilation Response to Myth

Birthwort when climbing takes hold of anything next to it

Home and Role Restriction poster: women poorly represented as executives

home duties-Mexican
home duties-Mexican
home duties -Mexican
Womens worth is gaged by their success as mothers and housekeepers

Birthwort has a bitter taste.

Title: Affected Function
Professional and Intellectual Life

Impeded or enforced but taken away from her

Woman dust house & Hygiea

if drunk with water plucks out thorns, splinters and diseases


woman scrubbing steps

child rearing

Title: Current Mutilation

Polygamous family
Polygamy in France
Immigrant from Mali with two of his three wives and seven of their children. African women in France turn against home practice of polygamy.

small birthwort is lesser and tenderer than long and round birthwort

Murders in the name of Anti-Abortion

Abortion assassin
John Salvi III killed two women and wounded five other people in Planned Parenthood Clinics in Abortion Row in Brookline, Massachusetts.
Donald Spitz, a Protestant preacher quickly hailed Salvi as a hero. Roman Catholic Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, who once called abortion "the primordial evil of our times," recinded his initial response of moratoriums on pro-life demonstrations outside abortion clinics.

has a loathsome smell and flavor .

poster: female fetuses aborted

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