Planting the blessed herb

All Heal
All Heal herb

to bind with Hemlock that obscures men's generative force

in the Blissful Garden of Herbal Good
All Heal heals all obsessions to prove manhood


Grant Butcher had 65 amateur fights in 3 years and 29 pro-fights in 4 years. At 37 he has brain atrophy and in a convalescent hospital

nail voodoo man
Nail Fetish

Mirror deflects malign influences and incubates herbal cure

The seed of All Heal, or Herculies, beat to a powder and drunk in wormwood wine is good against poison, biting mad dogs and stinging venomous beatles and allows men to perform deeds to prove themselves and gain their place in society. His passage into manhood will be clearly marked as that of menses in the woman.
herbal pharmacists
Preparation of a medical potion derived from certain herbs.
Illuminated page: Hippocrates: De Diversis Herbis - 13 th century

It Destroys the myth that

myth: negating a woman's instinct is evil

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