Planting the blessed herb


to bind with Cleavers that removed members accomodated to that act

in the Blissful Garden of Good
Heartsease eases the heart's fear of Castration

John Wayne Bobbitt

John Wayne Bobbitt
Defense attorneys contend that Mrs. Bobbitt was temporarily insane when she severed her husband's penis after he came home drunk and raped her. She described years of physical and sexual abuse.

nail voodoo man

Nail Fetish

Mirror deflects malign influences and incubates herbal cure.

Drink consecutively the distilled water of flowers - 3 oz. in the morning and like amount at night. This will ease the pain of the French disease and prevent loss of member as the patient sweats.

herbal pharmacists
Preparation of a medical potion derived from certain herbs.
Illuminated page: Hippocrates: De Diversis Herbis - 13 th century

It Destroys the Myth of Vagina Dentata that

myth:destroying vagina dentata

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