Planting the blessed herb

comfrey herb

to bind with the evil herb Henbane that changes men into beasts

in the Blissful Garden of Herbal Good
Comfrey comforts man's fear of orgasmic potential

Don Juan

nail voodoo man
Nail Fetish

Mirror deflects malign influences and incubates herbal cure

Mix the slimy substance of 4 roots, knotgrass Clairie leaves, each a handful, stamped and strained and a quart of muscadelle put thereto, yolks of 3 eggs, powder of 3 nutmegs, drunk first and last cures overmuch use of women in 4 or 5 days although involuntary flowing of seed be gotten thereby which will assuage female expectation and comfort the male.

herbal pharmacists

It destroys the Myth of

Healing the myth
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